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The Invasion

In order to add some clarity to events I will sort events by location and then in the approximate order they occur though some events are concurrent


  • Iron Man gets Reed Richards and Hank Pym to analyse the Elektra Skrulls corpse
  • Jessica Drew informs New Avengers of a Skrull Ship that has crashed in the Savage Land
  • New Avengers and Mighty Avengers Depart for the Savage Land
  • Baxter Building taken into Negative Zone by Lyja disguised as Sue RIchards
  • Hank Pym Skrull “disables” Reed Richards
  • Jarvis Skrull uses an Alien Computer Virus to disable iron man and all Stark Facilities
  • Skrulls launch full assault on Manhattan initially only Young Avengers present
  • The Void rescues Lindy from Skrulls attacking Stark Tower
  • A YellowJacket (Hank Pym) Skrull orders the Initative Recruits into battle
  • The Vision is disabled (head blown off) and Proton killed
  • Nick Fury and his new howling Commandos arrive saving Annex from execution by killing a superskrull after clearing a zone of skrulls Fury shoots Ms Marvel as he cant be sure of her identity.
  • The Hood orders his gang of villians to go out and fight the skrulls
  • Thor and Captain America arrive at the scene of the battle

The Savage Land

  • A Skrull Ship crashlands in the Savage Land
  • New and Mighty Avengers arrive at Crash site
  • Luke Cage opens ship leading to the skrulls commencing their assault
  • Iron Man disabled by Skrull Virus
  • “70s Heroes” emerge from ship and Luke Cage starts a fight with them which is broken up by a T-Rex
  • Sentry flees battle to Saturn where he is “consumed” by the Void after the 70s Vision initiates a skrull plan to neutralise him
  • 70s Spiderman (with Underarm webing) and 70s Hawkeye revealed to be Skrulls
  • Clint Barton (Ronin/Hawkeye) vouches for 70s Mockingbird
  • Iron Man taken to the Mutate Citadel by Miss Marvel who then departs for the mainland
  • Spiderman (Potential Skrull due to costume mistake) runs into Ka-Zar and some mutates and Ka-Zar explains that it was the skrulls who were Vibranium mining (see NA#1-6 for details), 70’s Captain America then interupts their conversation. (NA#41)
  • Spider-Woman attacks and severely injures Echo (possibly killing her) admititng her “skrulliness” and Echo’s humanity in the process
  • Empress Spider-Woman finds Tony Stark and tells him that he is a sleeper skrull and one of the great heroes of the invasion
  • The Black Widow overhears their conversation but is interupted by 70s Beast and Phoenix who she kills revealing them to be skrulls, but Spider-Woman gets away. She also shoots Wolverine (NA member not 70s version) who gives her the correct code word in response


  • Dum Dum Skrull disables SWORD HQ
  • Captain Marvel skrull attacks Thunderbolts Mountain
  • Breakouts commence at The Raft and The Cube
  • Jarvis Skrull reaches the downed SHIELD Helicarrier and orders Maria Hill to surrender, the majority of the SHIELD agents on the helicarrier then reveal themselves to be skrulls 
  • Captain Marvel Skrull defeats the Thunderbolts but is unable to kill anyone so Norman Osborn offers him a drink and a chat

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