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From what we have seen so far Spider Woman (Jessica Drew) appears to be one of the key players in Secret Invasion and as such I have compiled a timeline of her “recent actions” according to the Bendis Books (New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, House of M, Secret Invasion, Secret War)

Updated to include information from NA#42


Pre Avengers Disassembled

  • Spider Womans powers lose their effectiveness and Hydra offers to restore them. The exact timing of this event is uncertain as according to GSSW~1 the offer took place around the time of Avengers Disassembled six months prior to NA#1 while in NA#14 the process of restoring her powers took 17 months.
  • SW contacts Nick Fury who tells her to accept the offer and to work as a double agent (NA#14)
  • SW replaced by Queen Veranke during “operation” to restore her powers (NA#42)
  • SW tells Hydra about SHIELDS The God’s Eye defense initiative (Illuminati use a malfunctioning Gods eye to send the Hulk away) and the caterpillar file (see MA#13 for details) while she tells Nick Fury that Hydra have the Scorpio Key (see BMB Electra story of same name for details of what it is) (NA#14)
  • Avengers Disassembled

Post Avengers Disassembled (Starting Time Point)

  • 1 Month later: Secret War, Nick Fury goes underground, Spider Woman left in limbo (NA#14) Countess Valentina tries to contact Spider woman when she finds out a day after Secret War (Secret War TPB, SHIELD Operations database). Countess may be a skrull at this point
  • 4 months later: Nick Fury contacts Spider Woman informing her of the skrull threat and tells her to get back into SHIELD (MA#14),
  • Skrulls meet to decide how to get Spider-Woman back into Shield without drawing any Red Flags (NA#42) and decide to give her grunt work to begin with so Spider Woman ends up on Raft Escort Duty
  • In the same meeting (NA#42) we learn that the Skrulls have 3 main targets, Vibranium mines, the mutants and the Super powered population and decide to create a rogue SHIELD faction to help them
  • 6 months later: Electro (hired by the skrulls) causes a breakout from the Raft while Jessica Drew is escorting Matt Murdock, Luke Cage and Foggy Nelson to a meeting with the Sentry (NA#1)
  • Captain America invites Spider Woman to join the New Avengers she informs Madame Hydra (NA#42)of this and she joins and agrees to spy on the New Avengers for them after her contact tells her his organisation was not responsible for the breakout (NA#3)
  • Spider Woman uses her powers to find out that Sauron was the primary target of the breakout (NA#4)
  • Countess Skrull informs a subordinate of AGENTS in place inside the New Avengers indicating that Spider-Woman is probably a skrull by this point (Na#41)
  • Black Widow (Yelena Belova) claims to be working for the same people as Spider Woman, later shown to be Hydra (NA#6)
  • Sentry Arc: Little of note for SW. New Avengers lineup complete (Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Wolverine, The Sentry and Spider Woman)
  • Spider-Woman orders Hank Pym skrull to kill Wanda Maximoff when she learns that she has gone crazy again. 
  • House of M: Spider Woman argues for keeping the world as it is (Exact time uncertain has to be after the Sentry Arc as Sentry present, but before NA#15 as Miss Marvel mentions House of M fallout)
  • Spider Woman confronts Viper (Madam Hydra), confrontation shows that Spider Woman is still working for Hydra and that they gave her, her powers back. She takes down Viper on her orders and later lets Viper escape (NA# 11-13)
  • Captain America confronts Spider Woman, Spider Woman reveals her role as a Double Agent and Nick Fury contacts the New Avengers by phone vouching for her,  Spider Woman informs Connelly (Hydra) of these events (NA#14)
  • The Collective Arc: Little of Note (NA#16-20)
  • Black Widow/Adaptoid attack Iron Man still suspicious of Spider Woman (NA Annual #1)  
  • Empress Skrull attends meeting of infiltrating skrulls to debate ways to overcome the Sentry, has to occur pre Civil War as SHRA mentioned as something coming to the boil and Empress Skrull living with the Sentry: May occur before Collective Arc
  • 7 months later: Civil War starts
  • Spider Woman goes into hiding but is arrested by SHIELD as a triple agent. She is then freed by Hydra. After her Escape Spider Woman cuts ties with Hydra by blowing up Connellys base. While claiming to be searching for Nick Fury she finds and joins Captain America’s rebel Secret Avengers
  • Civil War ends: Spider Woman on losing side with Rebel members New Avengers hiding at Doctor Strange’s House. New Avengers now comprise Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Iron Fist (Danny Rand) and Spider Woman

Post Civil War

  • World War Hulk: May occur after Day 5 but before Day 17
  • New Day 1: Miss Marvel invites Spider Woman back into the fold and tells her that Captain America is still alive and held at the raft (NA#28)
  • Day 3: Spider Woman informs New Avengers of this and they walk into a trap and escape thanks to Doctor Strange’s intervention
  • Day 4: Clint Barton (Hawkeye) arrives at Doctor Strange’s, to allieviate suspicion a spell is cast to show purity of intent, SW has an adverse reaction that no one sees (NA#30) New Avengers head to Japan to rescue Echo with Clint Barton assuming the Ronin identity.
  • Day 5: Echo kills Electra who turns into a skrull. (NA#31) On way back from Japan SW argues to take the skrull to Tony Stark. The plane then crashes due to the Ultron attack (see MA#1-6 for details) and SW steals the body attacking Wolverine in the process effectively quiting from the New Avengers.(NA#32)
  • Day 18 (May be Earlier): Spider Woman takes the Electra skrull body to Tony Stark who then asks her to join the Mighty Avengers (Iron Man , Miss Marvel, Ares, Black Widow (Natasha Romanov), The Wasp , Wonderman, and The Sentry). In the conversation with Iron Man, Spider Woman does not mention Nick Fury already knowing about the skrulls, though does suggest the skrulls are why Nick Fury is still off the grid  (MA#6-7)
  • Day 19 (Avengers Initiative Day 14): Spider Woman infected with and then cured of Symbiote Virus (MA#8-9), Wolverine confronts her about her actions (NA#36), Later shows more power than normal to free herself and the rest of the Mighty Avengers (apart from Iron Man and the Sentry) from a spell cast by Doctor Doom (MA#11)
  • Day 20: Mighty Avengers learn about Skrull threat from Luke Cage (NA#38)

Secret Invasion (occurs ~2 months after MA#1)

  • Day 1: Spiderwoman informs New Avengers of the Skrull ship crashed in the Savage Land while Jarvis (a skrull) is within earshot.
  • Both sets of Avengers head to the Savage Land where a fight commences with a set of apparant “70s” Earth Heroes who emerge from the ship, until a T-Rex brings the fight to an abrupt end
  • Encounters Echo and attacks and possible kills her, telling Echo she knows that Echo is not a skrull
  • Meets up with Tony Stark and tells him that he is a sleeper agent and that he has the love of his Queen

Brief Analysis

Looking at Spider Womans actions to date if it was not for the skrull meeting in MA#14 having to be a pre civil war event, it would make sense for the date of her replacement (assuming she has been replaced) to be a Civil War event around the time she was in hiding or just after her destroying the Hydra base, before she joins the Secret Avengers. This is because all of her actions up to this point can be explained by her being a triple agent with Nick Fury as her ultimate master while she spies on Hydra and the Hand.

After Civil War her actions become a lot more suspicious, firstly there is the reaction to Doctor Strange’s spell, there is then the way she stole the skrull body and did not directly mention to anyone that Nick Fury already knew apart from a brief mention to Iron Man that this may be why Nick Fury is still off the Grid. The most damning piece of skrulliness is the sending of the New Avengers to the Savage Land which with the Mighty Avengers out of the picture as well, gets rid of most of the experienced heroes in New York leaving it open to attack.

The only possible non-skrull explanation for these actions is if she is still under the command of Nick Fury who may have wanted as many heroes as possible out of New York when the skrulls arrive so he does not have to worry about who to trust. This could also explain her taking the skrull to Iron Man as Nick Fury could have told her to take any evidence to Iron Man and this could explain the probable gap between her stealing the body and Iron Man getting it if she took it too Nick Fury first. Of course if she is a skrull it is likely the gap is due to her conferring with fellow infiltrators about the best course of action 

The main question is of course when was she replaced, if she was replaced early enough then she could have gained access to Nick Furys secret files (including the caterpillar file) and this could lead to Nick Fury getting a nasty suprise 

Post SI#3 Update

Well Spider-Woman is definately the Empress Skrull, unless they are lying on the recap pages now (she is highlighted in skrull green). The new question is whether or not she is telling Tony the truth, I suspect that she is not and that she is playing head games with him for some reason that will be revealed later on.

Post MA#15 Update

Given Hank Pyms comments about not being able to diasable stark tech until Ulton taught them how, it is 99% certain the the skrull Queen was messing with Tony Starks head.


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