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Skrull Infiltrators

Confirmed Skrull Infiltrators (as of SI#4)

  • Elektra: Killed by Echo, One of the first skrulls to infiltrate Earth
  • Blackbolt: Killed by Namor during fight with the remaining Illuminati
  • Dum Dum Dugan: Infiltration commenced on day of Captain America’s Death
  • Hank Pym: Replaced around about the time the New Avengers formed (contradictions in timeline in MA and NA)
  • Jarvis: Probably replaced before the formation of the New Avengers
  • Countess Valentina Allegra: At least two skrulls have assumed this identity, one was killed by Nick Fury 1 month after he went into hiding after the events of Secret War, the other attacked and probably killed Dum Dum Dugan to allow his replacement 
  • 70s Spiderman (with Underarm webbing): Killed by T-Rex in Savage Land
  • 70s Hawkeye: Killed by T-Rex in Savage Land
  • 70s Beast: Killed by Black Widow in Savage Land
  • 70s Phoenix: Killed by Black Widow in Savage Land
  • The Revoloutionary of the Liberteens: Confirmed to be a skrull agent in Avengers: The Initiative Annual
  • Spiderwoman: Is the skrull Empress, replaced when undergoing surgery to reactivate powers

Probable Skrulls

This category is for characters for who strong evidence has been shown that they are skrulls but it has not been 100% confirmed 

  • 70s Vision: Actions in Savage land matched a skrull plan to neutralise the sentry

Potential Skrulls

This category is for characters who have suspect attributes but nothing concrete

  • Everyone who emerged from the skrull ship in SI#1
  • The Spiderman in NA#41: Spider on costume is the wrong shape, yet on first page and in a later flashback it is the correct shape
  • Tony Stark: The Skrull Empress (Spiderwoman) tells Tony in SI#3 that he is a sleeper agent chances are that this is an attempt to mess with his head
  • Clint Barton: Came back to life in suspect circumstances post House of M and vouched for Mockingbird who came off the skrull ship by using an unverifiable piece of personal information

Temporary Identities

  • Daredevil: A skrull disguised as daredevil attempted to replace Echo in NA#39 attempt foiled due to infiltration of Wolverine
  • Susan Richards: The skrull Lyja entered the Baxter Building disaguised as Sue in order to take the building into the Negative Zone
  • Miss Marvel: Used to capture Miss Marvels kree boyfriend William Wagnar, skrull captured then commits suicide
  • Agent Sum: Attempted to trick Miss Marvel into giving him, her command codes, skrull killed 

Other Notable Skrulls (Unknown Loyalty or Rogue)

  • Captain Marvel: The skrull Khn’nr took his identity but mental conditioning botched leaving the Captain Marvel personality dominant, as of SI#3 skrull identity has partially remerged as he attacks Thunderbolts mountain but he is unable to kill anyone.
  • John the Skrull: Skrull turncoat impersonating John Lennon, is now part of MI-13 under the command of Captain Britain
  • Crusader of the Initiative: Has been shown to have become attached to Earth, not a member of faction invading Earth
  • Hulkling: Half Skrull, Half Kree Hybrid: son of the skrull princess Anelle and the Kree Captain Marvel, attacked by skrull invaders in SI#3

2 Responses to “Skrull Infiltrators”

  1. Random Remarks said

    Oops just realised I got Blackbolts killer confused with how Ironman killed the Superskrulls have edited the post accordingly

  2. Y2K said

    Cool dude. Nice timeline/round-up.

    I do mostly theories and color commentary over at my page with a couple other guys.

    Check us out if you get a chance.


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