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The Infiltration Timeline

In order to turn a few of my posts on the CBR forum into a more managable form I have posted here my estimate of the timeline for the key events leading up to the latest Marvel summer epic Secret Invasion. At the time of writing the exact date of skrull replacement for characters is unknown and so the placement in this timeline may change as more information becomes available.

I am only including information from the Illuminati TPB, Secret War TPB, New Avengers, House of M, Mighty Avengers and the main Secret Invasion book (Bendis titles) unless additional information from other sources becomes relevant later and I only include details that have been shown to be relevant or I consider likely to be relevant in the future.

For clarity the timeline will be divided into 2 parts: Pre Civil War, and Post Civil War and any uncertainties highlighted in Red.

Last Update: MA#15, NA#42 preview (release delayed in UK)

Pre Civil War

Years Earlier

  • Kree Skrull War
  • Illuminati escape from capture on the Skrull Throne World after genetic samples taken (Iluminati #1)
  • Princess Veranke sent into Exile (NA#40)
  • Galactus destroys the Skrull Throne World

Recent Years

  • Electra replaced by a skrull (NA#40)
  • Princess Veranke returns from exile and Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) is suggested as an infiltration identity for her (NA#40)
  • Spider-Woman Replaced by Queen Veranke (Uncertain of exact time due to contradictions in books may be post Avengers Dissassembled)
  • Skrull Spider-Woman acts as a double agent for SHIELD and HYDRA, at some point tells Hydra about the caterpillar file (NA#14)
  • Countess Valentina Allegra DeFontaine replaced by a skrull (MA#12, NA#41, Secret Invasion Prologue) 
  • Black Bolt replaced by a skrull (Illuminati #5)
  • Seven months earlier: Avengers Disassembled
  • Jarvis replaced by a skrull (SI#1, MA#14)
  • Unknown: Skrulls start mining for Vibranium in the Savage Land (NA#41)
  • Six months earlier: Secret War, Nick Fury goes into hiding, Maria Hill becomes director of SHIELD
  • Five months earlier: Nick Fury kills a skrull masquerading as Countess Valentina (MA#12)
  • Three months earlier: Nick Fury informs Spider-Woman of the skrull threat (MA#12)
  • Slrull Queen arranges to be assigned to the raft so she can do the most damage in the least suspicious way (NA#42)

Month Prior to Civil War

  • Breakout from the Raft (NA#1) shown to be instigated by the skrulls (NA#42)
  • New Avengers Form
  • New Avengers disrupt Skrull Vibranium mining effort in the Savage Land (assumed by NA to be a Rogue SHIELD operation), all evidence destroyed by SHIELD Helicarrier under command of Maria Hill. (NA#4-6)
  • Concurrent with NA#1-6: Ka Zar and Shanna discover Skrull mining operation in Savage Land, Countess skrull reveals that there are Agents (note plural) in the New Avengers (NA#41) 
  • The Sentry joins the New Avengers
  • Hank Pym replaced by a skrull (MA#15) timing uncertain as NA#42 shows Skrull Pym talking to Spider Woman the day after the break out from the raft while MA#15 indicates it is around the time of the Sentry Arc
  • Skrull Queen orders Pym Skrull to kill Wanda Maximoff
  • House of M, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) returns from the dead (Na#26). Note: These events may occur after the next 2 entries
  • Captain America asks Echo to determine what is going on in the Japanese Underworld (NA#27)
  • Spider-Woman’s role as a triple agent is revealed (NA#14)
  • Jarvis skrull gains access to Tony Starks files on the Avengers, Skrull infiltrators gather to debate strategy this includes skrulls disguised as Jarvis, Spider-Woman, Hank Pym, Black Bolt, Electra and numerous SHIELD agents. Plan to neutralise Sentry formulated (MA#14)

Post Civil War

  • Day after Captain America’s death: Dum Dum Dugan replaced by a Skrull after being shot by a different Countess Skrull (SI Prologue)
  • MIghty Avengers Form
  • Remaining New Avengers are given refuge by Doctor Strange
  • Nick Fury gets Daisy Johnson to gather raw recruits identified from his caterpillar file, timestamp indicates this starts six months prior to current events i.e. the Invasion, but probably after civil war as Ares is an Avenger when his son is recruited (MA#13) 
  • World War Hulk (may occur later), Doctor Strange hands injured and powers impaired
  • Clint Barton joins the New Avengers assuming the Ronin Identity. (NA#30) 
  • New Avengers go to Japan to rescue Echo from Electra and the Hand (NA#28-31)
  • Electra killed by Echo and revealed as a skrull (NA#31)
  • Spider Woman steals the skrulls body after a plane crash caused by the Ultron Incident in MA (NA#32)
  • Spider Woman gives the Electra Skrulls body to Tony Stark and she joins the Mighty Avengers (MA#6&7)
  • Skrulls meet and Pym Skrull reveals that the Ultron incident has given them the information necesary to disable Stark Tech and so the invasion can begin (MA#15) 
  • Tony Stark informs the illuminati about the Electra Skrull and Black Bolt reveals himself to be a skrull. The remaining Illuminati manages to kill the Black Bolt Skrull and two new super skrulls May occur later (Iluminati #5)
  • New Avengers leave Doctor Strange’s after an attack by the Hood leads Doctor Strange to “take a leave of absence” to retrain, Jessica Jones and baby flee to the Mighty Avengers (NA Annual#2)
  • Luke Cage “informs” the Mighty Avengers of the skrull threat, New Avengers obtain new base (NA#38)
  • Skrull attempt to replace Echo foiled due to intervention of Wolverine (NA#39)

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  1. Y2K said

    Keep up the good work dude!!

    I haven’t seen a better timeline and I’ve been looking.

    It’d be great if you checked out my site sometime and we could check notes.


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