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Secret Invasion

Here you will find information on the latest Marvel Summer Epic Secret Invasion. Note that you may be spoiled if you have not kept up to date with New Avengers, Mighty Avengers and the Secret Invasion Limited Series Please Note that I am using information from the main Bendis written books alone (New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Secret Invasion) unless I happen to read the comic and the information is significant and relevant

Infiltration TImeline: https://randomremarks.wordpress.com/secret-invasion/infiltration-timeline/

The Invasion: https://randomremarks.wordpress.com/secret-invasion/the-invasion/

Skrull Infiltrators: https://randomremarks.wordpress.com/secret-invasion/skrull-infiltrators/

Spider Woman: https://randomremarks.wordpress.com/secret-invasion/spider-woman/

Feel free to leave comments especially if I have made a mistake at some point or if you can think of useful additional information. I will try to update the pages as soon as I have read the latest comics and will post information about updates on the blogs front page

You are welcome to post any parts of my timelines or analysis on your own webpage, blog or in a forum post as long as credit is given to me and a link given back to the relevant page(s).




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