Random Remarks

Random Reviews and Stuff


Welcome to my Blog. In it you will find my thoughts on a myriad of topics, this may include reviews and theories on my favourite TV shows, books and comics, reviews of games and “random remarks” about current affairs.

I take a fairly liberal view of spoilers as I enjoy being spoiled and as such will include information from recent episodes/comics etc which may spoil you. As you may have not seen or read the item being discussed I will give a warning in the title of a post that spoilers are present.

Feel free to leave comments on anything I have posted, and try to be constructive in criticism so that I can improve my blogging style



One Response to “About”

  1. computersavvy said

    Hey there Random,

    It’s Se7en..Do you have anything on X-Men…or Gambit…I’ve loved the X-men even more since..issue 200…that was very crazy…

    Talk to ya later,


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