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Battlestar Galactica 4.14 (4.12) “A Disquiet Follows My Soul” Summary and Analysis SPOILERS

Posted by Mister Random on January 24, 2009

Please be aware that this article contains spoilers for episode 12 (4.14) of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica so do not read on if you have not seen the episode and do not want to be spoiled

One Sentence Review

The not so calm before the storm

Plot Summary

Timeline Note: This episode takes place after the Webisodes The face of the enemy

The episode opens with Adama in his quarters getting ready for the day, he then gets a small book and we hear his voice reading from it, about the suffering of the soul. We then jump to sickbay and see Caprica 6 getting a scan of her baby, she comments about it being the future of the cylon race causing an unsettling reaction in the medic Layne Ishay. Layne then speaks to Gaeta about his leg and is pulled away when Tyrol comes in with an ill Nicholas, Gaeta responds in an uncharacteristically aggressive fashion (indicating the events of the webisodes have taken place). 

There is then a press conference on colonial one were everyone is evasive in their answers, we learn that a permanent alliance with the rebel cylons is being considered and that Tigh informed them that Ellen was the final cylon when Lee lets slip that that “she died” in the press conference. Tom Zarek in private responds hostilely to the idea of an alliance to which Adama responds with he knows who to blame if anything happens

In the Admirals Office, Helo, Lee, Tigh, Gaeta and Tyrol are in a meeting regarding the possible alliance with the cylons, in which Tyrol states that in return for cylon technology, the cylons want to become full citizens in the fleet including a seat at the Quorum. Gaeta responds hostilely to the idea while everyone else reluctantly consider it.

In sickbay, Tyrol finds out that he is not Nicholas’ father, as Cally was pregnant before the wedding but was not sure who the father was and afterwards got a paternity test and Tyrol was not the father.

In Roslins quarters we see her getting rid of all of her medication, and then when Adama comes to talk to her about the cylon alliance we see her doing exercise. Roslin evades Adama’s request that she speaks to the fleet by saying she needs some time.

In a crew mess hall Gaeta decides to confront Starbuck over past events, starting off with his “trial” and near spacing after New Caprica. He then reminds everyone what the cylons did, and inferring that Anders took part in the genocide at the colonies. He ends up threatening Starbuck saying a reckoning is coming, after Starbuck leaves he gets someone to close the hatch and addresses the room (we do not hear what he says).

At a Quorum meeting, Zarek manipulates the council members aside from Lee into voting a motion that cylons can only board ships with the permission of the ships captain and people on the ships. Zarek also accuses Adama and Roslin of only contemplating an alliance due to wanting to stay in power.

Back on Galactica we see Roslin running the halls, and Adama eventually steps in front of her as she has missed her cancer treatment. In response to Adama taking her to task for not doing her duty, she effectively says she doesn’t care as she doesnt have any hope for their being a tomorrow, and is just living for today having earned it, Adama agrees and she continues on her run.

We then cut to a “lubricated” Baltar who starts to rail against God for abandoning them and says he should ask them for forgiveness. Tyrol is at the meeting but not taking part rather looking for Hotdog who it turns out is Nicholas’ father, Tyrol then starts to fight with Hotdog. Later on we see them in the medical bay and Tyrol gives Hotdog first shift until he sobers up.

On the bridge we find out that the cylon jump drives is taking place and that there is considerable resistence to it, thanks to the Quorums proclamation. A mutiny then occurs on the Tylium ship, and Galactica launches an assault team in response. The Tylium ship then contacts Zarek who tells them that the Galactica’s actions were illegal and that they have the right to defend themselves from oppression, the ship then jumps away. Adama then tells the assault team to arrest Zarek and deadly force is authorised if he resists.

In the Brig Adama confronts Zarek with a big file he claims is full of evidence of his corruption, and says he will air the dirty laundry in public unless Zarek tells them were the tylium ship is. As Adama leaves, Zarek writes something on a piece of paper screws it in a ball and throws it towards Adama, Adama picks up the paper which tells him where the ship is and also takes the file with him. Adama gives Tigh the co-ordinates and then tells him to have Hoshi file the evidence which is just full of laundry reports. The Tylium ship is then captured and brought under control. Back in Zareks cell we see him with Gaeta who has told Zarek he and some other people have something big planned and they form an alliance.

In Adama’s quarters we see him receiving a call from Tigh about the ship, and then see he is in bed with Roslin and she says she doesn’t care about the ship and he says he doesn’t either.

My Thoughts and Speculation

This is again quite a slow episode and is setting the scene of despair in the fleet, which seems to be without any real hope and is only living for today. Roslin seems to have given up entirely on being president and Adama looks like he may follow her into it as well. We finally get progress  on the cylon-cylon pregnancy and find that a human-cylon child is just a normal human after all.

This episode demonstrated the importance of having watched the webisodes as otherwise you would be wondering were Gaeta’s anger was coming from to start with. His “talk” with Starbuck served a dual purpose, plot wise it started what looks like the seeds of a mutiny aboard galactica and it also served to remind people of why many people would hate the cylons and want nothing to do with them despite their technology being the fleets best hope at the moment.

Despite the pythian prophecy apparently being disproven in the fleet, we again have an indication that “all of this has happened before, all of this will happen again” with the cylons wanting to become citizens with a seat on the Quorum, which would then effectively make them the 13th colony (tribe), duplicating what apparently happened last time around if the previous episodes are any indication. We have Roslin mockingly state part of the dying leader bit, but missing out the important part “…but shall not live to enter into it” again reinforcing my belief that Earth and the promised land are two separate things.

Baltar seems to have gone back into bad ways of drinking, and is railing against God, making not so obscure messianic references when calling for God to come down to them, this leads me to wonder depending on how far Ronald D Moore is going to take religous metaphor if instead of an impossible virgin birth we instead are going to have an impossible cylon-cylon birth instead, as the child is apparently male. I also wonder how long it will be before Head 6 or Baltar reappear to take him to task for Blasphemy.

Speaking of the cylon child it is nice that we finally get a reference to the fact that Caprica 6 is pregnant, now all we need to know is what the other cylons think and is she still living in the brig? Going from the reaction of Layne Ishtay (female medic played by Jamie Bambers wife), I would also recommend going to the basestar for prenatals and having a cylon midwife, as I suspect she may join Gaeta’s mutiny if her body language in that scene is anything to go by. I dont understand why they had to have Nicholas not be a huma-cylon hybrid though, as given the apparent difference in the final fives physiology to the other humanoid cylons it could easily be explained away. As this sub plot apparently serves no purpose in this episode I am going to assume that they either need Tyrol not to have a child, are going for an Adam and Eve ending for the cylons with Hera and Caprica 6’s child, orRDM could just be trying to mislead us into thinking this is important. 

My main problem with Zarek was how easily he gave up the coordinates of the tylium ship, this is the second example in recent episodes of a person as intelligent and politically astute as he is normally made out to be not seeing the writing on the all. The first time around it was in not recognising that Lee Adama was one of the few people that Admiral Adama would accept as acting president, and this time around it was in not checking the file to see what evidence Adama had especially as given how he and Adama don’t get along if Adama really had evidence of corruption he would have used it against Zarek long ago.

Overall another slow burning episode that if the preview is anything to go by is setting the scene for the frustration and despair in the fleet to explode and that is even before the Cavil faction comes into play

Episode Rating

7/10 – Another average episode getting the pieces into position for something big to occur


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