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Battlestar Galactica: What happened 2000 years ago? (Speculation and Possible Spoilers)

Posted by Mister Random on January 22, 2009

Warning this post contains spoilers if you have not watched episodes up to and including “Sometimes A Great Notion” from the 4th Series of Battlestar Galactica

Back in 2005 in the 12th episode of the first season of BSG “Kobols Last Gleaming” the Galactica discover Kobol. We learn that 2000 years ago due to some form of discord the 13 tribes left Kobol, with the 13th tribe leaving for Earth. At some point subsequent to that there is some form of calamity on the 12 colonies leading to a collapse in their technology given that all the documents from that time seem to be hand written books.

Flash forward to last Friday 16th January and we learn that their was a Nuclear Holocaust on Earth 2000 years ago

So according to the information we have so far it seems that:

  1. 13th tribe leaves Kobol
  2. 13th tribe reaches Earth
  3. 13th tribe gets nuked shortly after colonising Earth

Ignoring the issue of whether or not this is our Earth or not, and the cylon inhabitants, this time-frame seems quite short for a floroushing society to develop which is what we see from the final five flashbacks on Earth. This has led me to come up with a few scenarios to explain this discrepancy.

Scenario 1

RDM forgot that he had already used 2000 years in relation to Kobol

– I think this unlikely

Scenario 2

2000 years is a rough figure, we could easily have Exodus from Kobol 2300 years ago and Earth nuked 1800 years ago and both could easily be estimated as around 2000 years ago.

– This is the simplest one to do plot wise, which is why I do not think this will be the case

Scenario 3

Earth and possibly the 12 colonies were already inhabited prior to the exodus of Kobol and whatever caused its destruction led to the nuking of Earth after the 13th tribe got back to Earth and possible the regression of humanities technology on the 12 colonies (handwritten scriptures) after Kobol is left.

– This is one of my favoured scenarios as this would also explain how the Pythian scrolls have images of features on Earth like the Temple of Aurora and the trail of breadcrumbs pointing to its location

Scenario 4 

The scriptures messed up about the 13th tribe leaving for Earth, they actually arrived from Earth after it was nuked and set into motion the events that led to Kobols evacuation.

– Another quite likely scenario as it would again explain some of the oddities about knowledge of Earth 

Scenario 5

Kobol had its own version of the first cylon wars, with the cylons leaving for their new home (Earth) and there is some occasional peaceful contact between Earth and Kobol. Later on something happens that causes the exodus from Kobol which may or may not be due to the Earth cylons regardless the 13th tribe blame the cylons and decide to go to Earth for revenge. They get to Earth nuke it wiping everyone out and then form a new home on our Earth. 

I would not be surprised if some aspect of this comes to pass but I think it less likely than S3 or S4


2 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica: What happened 2000 years ago? (Speculation and Possible Spoilers)”

  1. De hecho no me parece acertado lo que has narrado.
    Me parece que de heccho no te haas documentado de forma
    correcta. ¿De verdad piensas todo esto?

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