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My Thoughts on the Confirmed Identity of the Final Cylon SPOILERS

Posted by Mister Random on January 19, 2009

Warning this post contains spoilers if you have not watched episode 11 of the 4th season of Battlestar Galactica

After a prolonged gap the final season of BSG started up again and in the very first episode we find out that the cylons identity is Ellen Tigh, in this post I will go into why I think this is a good choice for the final cylon and how she can logically be identified as a strong candidate before we knew her identity.

Hints the Final Cylon was a dead character

Cylon Hybrid (Razor)

And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.

This quote suggests that the final cylon is not around at the time the other four are activated, Ellen Tigh also fits the seeking redemption part of the prophecy as she has repeatedly betrayed her husband firstly by sleeping around and then when she gave information to the cylons on New Caprica. This prophecy also suggests that she may return (will claw toward the light), given the suffering the colonial fleet is now suffering if she does return it is likely to be soon.

From D’aana

  • The final cylon is not in the fleet
  • The final cylon was probably not on the baseship at the time of Revelations as she was willing to kill most of the humans on board
  • She recognised the final cylon
  • She may have apologised to the final cylon

In previous speculation I suggested that the final cylon may be someone who had died as both D’anna’s willingness to kill everyone on the base star and her insistence that there are only 4 cylons in the fleet.  Her reason for apologising to Ellen would simply be her awareness of what Cavil had done to her and there is a good chance she would have known at this point that Ellen is dead or left on New Caprica at best.

Hints Ellen Tigh may be a cylon

  • Her mysterious reappearance after the attack on the colonies
  • Head 6’s reaction towards her when she first meets Baltar is similar to how Head Baltar reacted to Tory

Now while both of these points are reliant on Retcon as it is doubtful she was intended to be a cylon originally, however both events in the first season episode “Tigh me Up, Tigh me Down” do fit with her being a humanoid cylon.

  • The Visions of Ellen, that Tigh has been having when talking to Caprica 6

Given that Ellen is now confirmed as the final cylon, these visions are likely to take on more significance and the likelyhood that it is just Tigh hallucinating has fallen significantly. The question that is raised is if it is not simply Tigh hallucinating what is going on and is Ellen going to return in some way linked to Caprica 6.

Why Ellen Tigh makes sense from a Dramatic Standpoint

The first thing to note is that since Ellen has died we may now be able to see the process by which the final five cylons resurrect in a “non forced” way, her being the final cylon also neatly explains why only 4 cylons were activated at the end of Season 3. There is also the subconscious attraction of sleeper cylons to each other (Tyrol: Boomer, Anders: Tory) the Tigh:Ellen pairing completes this pattern as now all of the final five cylons have had a relationship with another cylon at some point. She also makes sense as she is a character we are all familiar with and has played a significant role in events, and there are few other deceased characters of note that fit the bill.

Overall I am pleased with the choice of Ellen Tigh as the final cylon as the character fits with the clues we were given and allows for some answers to be given regarding the nature of the final cylons in an unforced way.


2 Responses to “My Thoughts on the Confirmed Identity of the Final Cylon SPOILERS”

  1. rvdan47at said

    I must say that when we were shown, at the end of episode 11 season 4, that Ellen Tigh was the final cylon, I was a little underwhelmed. This, of course, may have been an after effect of watching Starbuck find her own charred body on the Earth’s surface. I was thinking, “could the 5th really be Starbuck?” Apparently not. Still, BSG has not disappointed in the four seasons that it has been on the air, so I’ll just sit back and watch…because with a track record like theirs, I won’t be surprised if I’m loving the choice of Ellen Tigh by the final episode.

  2. Langley said

    There is a 13th colony. Couldn’t there be a 13th human-model Cylon ?

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