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Battlestar Galactica Webisodes “The Face of the Enemy” Summary and Analysis SPOILERS

Posted by Mister Random on January 9, 2009

Please be aware that this article contains detailed spoilers for the 10 webisodes entitled  “The Face of the enemy” aired online prior to the second half of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica being aired so dont read on if you have not seen them and do not want to be spoiled

One Sentence Review

Half the length of an episode and probably on half as good as well but sets things up for Gaeta in Season 4.5

Plot Summary 

The Webisode is set 9 days after the discovery of Earth and opens with an injured Gaeta having flash backs on a raptor. We then go back 3 days where Tigh orders Gaeta to go on Shore leave for a week on the Zephyr due to Tigh thinking Gaeta is too tired to do his duty. On his way to the Raptor Gaeta bumps into Hoshi who gives him some Morpha. Gaeta gets on the Raptor with 2 8’s, A mechanic Brooks and the 2 pilots. As they approach the Zephyr the fleet is ordered to do an emergency jump due to inbound hostile cylons. When the Raptor comes out of the jump the fleet is no where to be found. The Raptor crew then determine using technobabble that the coordinates got corrupted and they are far from where they are supposed to be. On Galactica Hoshi gets permision off Tigh to search for Gaeta in a Raptor when they realise his raptor had failed to jump back after a false alarm and sets off with Racetrack.  Back on the stranded Raptor the crew find out that while most supplies are fine for 2 weeks they have less than 21 hours of air left and there is less oxygen than normal in the raptors atmosphere as well.

Gaeta then realises he had a relationship with one of the 8’s on New Caprica, while Brooks the mechanic tries to fix the problem with the Oxygen levels, as he cant get to what is causing the problem the other 8 takes over and ends up getting killed from an Electric shock due to the pliars lacking their insulation. The crew then dispose of the body due to the problem of gasses due to decomposition while arguing over whether or not the death was delibrate. 8 tells Gaeta she may have a way to get them back to Galactica but will tell him when the others are asleep. Later on after having a flashback to New Caprica where we discover 8 had helped rescue people on a list Gaeta gave her, 8 tells Felix she should be able to interface with the Raptors computer and discover the correct jump co-ordinates so they can get back to the fleet. The crew then discover Brooks is dead from an overdose of Gaetas Morpha and 8 is tied up as the pilots think she killed him and the other 8.

Later on Gaeta frees the 8 and allows her to interface with the Raptor they then jump to the coordinates they think the fleet is at, but when they arrive they find that no one is there. Gaeta then goes to tell the sleeping pilots that they jumped but discovers that they have been killed. He confronts the 8 and she admits killing them and also that on New Caprica she had most of the people on the list killed, Gaeta had managed to pick up and hide a scalpel while they were talking and kills the 8. It is also revealed that the words Baltar whispered to Gaeata before he stabbed Baltar (3.13 “Taking a Break from all your worries) were “I can keep your secret, I know what your 8 did”. Sometime later with only 20 minutes of air left Gaeta is found by Hoshi and Racetrack in the Raptor some distance from the fleet.

The Webisode ends with Gaeta wanting to talk with Adama directly about the Cylon alliance and how there shouldn’t be one as Tigh is a cylon and with him warning Hoshi to keep his head down.

My Thoughts and Speculation 

I found the webisodes to have a good beggining and end but to drag in the middle, and you can probably get the key points from watching 1-3 and 8-10. What this all seems to be setting up though is Gaeta taking some form of action either by himself or with others against the Cylons in the fleet. There are also several questions raised as well as one question answered, the questions which are raised are as follows:

1) Why are they no longer at Earth and where are they going?

Now while it is clear that the Cavil faction cylons are still chasing them, we do not know if they also found Earth or if the Galactica and the fleet left Earth before hand. There is also the question of where is the fleet going now given the state that Earths in.

2) Why is Tigh back in uniform?

Tigh had been arrested and is a known cylon, how is he back on the bridge as the 2nd in command after Adama, so quickly even if there is an alliance with cylons, there is still ill feeling towards them. This also suggests that despite Earth being a dead end in more ways than one that they probably have a common goal over and above survival

3) Is everything Gaeta experienced and recollected genuine? 

The probable answer to this is yes, but the reduced oxygen levels could have caused him to become delusional and leave room for mistakes. There is the question as well as who exactly was Gaeta trying to rescue on the list he gave to the 8 and why would she want them to be killed.

The answered question is of course

What did Baltar whisper to Gaeta that caused him to stab Baltar in the neck?

The webisodes take advantage of the fact that it was indistinct and change it from the original Sagittaron plot to Baltar telling Gaeta he knows what his 8 did. Why Baltar didn’t try to use this information to discredit Gaeta at his trial is then raised given the lies Gaeta told at the trial.

Moving on I liked the fact that Gaeta has developed an addiction to pain killers after losing his leg, though this does of course run the risk of him becoming known as “Gaeta MD” given that he has a limp and an addiction to pain killers. I dont really see the point of him having a relationship with Hoshi as I found the Hoshi scenes apart from the end one to drag and a close friendship would have allowed the same type of scenes to be played out and have jarred less with it then being revealed he had a relationship with an 8 as well. This does raise the question of is there going to be a male character who hasn’t slept with an 8 by the end of the series as they seem to be getting around as much as Baltar does.

Overall while the middle parts of the websiode did drag it is nice to have some new BSG to watch after such a long break and I look forward to the return of the series proper next week, and it did its job of setting up a new plot line and not overly spoiling the conclusion to the mid season cliffhanger.

UPDATE: The last webisode also makes it even more unlikely that Admiral Adama is the final cylon or at least he has not been outed as one since unless there is a new Admiral appointed in the 9 days since they found Earth, Gaeta is willing to talk to the admiral about his views on dismantling the human-cylon alliance and Gaeta specifically told Tigh that he had a problem with him as he (Tigh) is a cylon. 

Webisodes Rating


Note: If you want to know where to find the webisodes, at the present time they are all up on Youtube in their individual 3-5 minute form

A review of the first 5 webisodes is also up at BSGCAST.COM


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