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XBLA Game Review: Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

Posted by Mister Random on January 7, 2009

Game Details


  • Title: Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos
  • Developer: TikGames, LLC
  • Released (UK): 07/01/2009
  • Current Price (UK) : 800 MS Points
  • Age Rating: 3+
  • Game Type: Observation Puzzle
  • Online Multiplayer: 4 player Co-op

One Sentence Summary


Can be fun, but too short for an 800 MS Point XBLA game


Game Overview




The aim of Interpol is to find 8 different items hidden in a picture with lots of items present




As almost everything is still-frame, I would put the graphics at average at best, but that does not detract in anyway from the game




Best described as limited, there is music but it is the same/similar all the way through the game but I did not find it too become annoying, there is very little in the way of sound effects aside from the occasional beep.


User Friendliness


Very easy to get into and no issue with the controls, my main issue is with the difficulty. If you are just playing it by yourself I think the difficulty is pitched right as you will find some of the levels a challenge, however in Co-op if there are 4 active players it can become scarily easy.




In single player there is probably about 5-10 hours worth of unique play and the objects you have to choose from are randomly selected for each level increasing the potential lifespan. I do think there are too few levels in the game for an 800 MS point game. If you just play for achievements then the lifespan is reduced to a few hours if you get into a multiplayer game as you should be able to get them all if you play through from the start


Achievement Design


If the achievements were single player only then the achievements are well designed as it would take you a while to get through them, however as they can all be got through Co-op then they become badly designed as they are too easy to get.




The multiplayer is Co-op only and this while fun for a short while is an oversight as it could easily have had a competitive element through people getting points per item in the same game or through having a competition to see who can complete a level the quickest.




If you enjoy find the item type of games you will like this, I recommend downloading the trial first to see if you do or not. The single player difficulty is pitched at around the right level but the multiplayer is flawed. I do think the game should have been priced at 400 MS points rather than 800 given the relative shortness of the game.




2/5 – A fairly unique game compared to other games on XBLA but overpriced and flaws which stop me from rating it higher though I want to.


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