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XBOX 360 Game Review: Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures

Posted by Mister Random on January 2, 2009

Game Details

  •  Title: Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
  • Developer: Travelers Tales Games
  • Released (UK): 06/06/2008
  • Typical Current Price (UK) : £20
  • Age Rating: U
  • Game Type: Action Adventure
  • Online Multiplayer: None, Local 2 player Co-op

 One Sentence Summary


Enjoyable but I preferred Lego Star Wars


Game Overview


I enjoyed the first Lego star wars game on the xbox 360 and as the game is now relatively cheap I decided to give it a try




If you have played any of the Lego Star Wars games then you know what to expect only with Indiana Jones characters, rather than Star Wars characters. If you have not then the game is a series of missions that are based off well known scenes from the films with a Lego twist.




Surprisingly good, I thought the backgrounds were highly detailed, my only issue with the character graphics is that while they are all done as Lego, the colours sometimes make them look more like cartoons than Lego




The sound effects that were present were of a reasonable quality if limited, were the sound really excels is in the music which is adapted from that in the films and the used in the missions is normally taken from the scene(s) it is based on


Difficulty, Learning Curve and Controls


The Lego games are aimed at children so as you would expect the game is quite easy to get to grips with and not too difficult with everyone having infinite lives. Control wise there were no real issues though I did get annoyed when trying to get onto transportation as the button used (Y) is also used to transfer between characters and so I would often transfer between characters when I wanted to get onto an animal or vehicle.




It will probably take 10-20 hours to play to completion and there is little in the game that will make you want to go back to it


Achievement Design


The achievements are fairly easy to get and the majority can be gained by simply playing the game to completion, there are a few which need thinking about or require some tedious repetitions to acquire though. I also liked the names of the achievements which can all be traced to scenes and lines in the films.




While the game itself is fun to play and you will smile quite a few times at some of the spoofs, there is little however to make you want to play the game again once it is complete. I also found the game to be too short and did not have any levels based on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which given the films and games release dates (May and June 2008) should have been possible and included in the game. I suspect a special edition of the game will be released in 2009 which includes extra levels based on the last film. I was also disappointed that the developers for some reason decided to “sanitize” Indiana Jones by removing all Nazi references from the game including the term Nazi and no Lego Hitler signing Indies book, which was one of my favourite scenes from last crusade, though I can partially understand why the choice was made (especially on the Hitler aspect)..


The game aside from the theme also has little to differentiate it from the Lego Star Wars titles and to be honest I enjoyed Lego Star Wars more and found Lego Star Wars had more in game variation and was a longer game. If I had to choose 1 Lego title to get having not played Lego Batman as of yet I would go for Lego Star Wars over Lego Indiana Jones.




3/5 – Not as good as Lego Star Wars



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