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Xbox Live Arcade Review: A Kingdom for Keflings

Posted by Mister Random on November 19, 2008

Game Details

  • Title: A Kingdom for Keflings
  • Developer: 
  • Released: 19/11/2008
  • Price: 800 Microsoft Points 
  • Age Rating:  Everyone
  • Game Type: Black and White crossed with Sim City 
  • Online Multiplayer: Cooperative up to 4 players

    One Sentence Review

  • Like Black and White with you as the Creature but not as much fun
  • Overview


    Fairly average but makes good use of Avatars


    Fairly limited and the repetive cheery tune starts to get on your nerves after a while


    A Fairly unique type of game, it is best described as Black and White crossed with Sim City as the aim of the game is to build a world for Keflings to live in and you are a giant (Can be your avatar or other prebuilt characters) and you have to build the buildings the Keflings live in using them to gather resources. This is all there currently is to the game however 

    Learning Curve

    Fairly short learning curve, should be able to get to grips with the game within 15 minutes


    As all there is is world creation Very Easy


    Limited but there is the potential for user creativity which may add to the replayability of the game


    The main flaws with this game are the music, and the currently limited scope of the game as there is no competitive element in any game mode


    This is a good way of showcasing how Avatars can be used in games, however at the moment there is too litle depth to this game for my liking, though it is fun to play


    3/5 – Can be fun to play but there is little depth to the game at the present time


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