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Xbox 360 Game Review: Vigilante 8: Arcade

Posted by Mister Random on November 5, 2008

Game Details

  • Title: Vigilante 8: Arcade 
  • Developer: Isopod Labs LLC (Activision)
  • Released (UK): 05/11/2008
  • Price: 800 Microsoft Points 
  • Age Rating:  Teen
  • Game Type: Car based Shooter 
  • Online Multiplayer:  Up to 8 players
  • One Sentence Review

  • A Destruction Derby with Guns



    For an XBLA game I thought the graphics were of a high quality, and equivalent in quality to those found in last gen titles


    Fairly standard sound, there is a limited number of music tracks and they quickly become repetitive


    It is essentially a FPS or TPS (third person shooter) with cars, set in 5 arenas, regardless of what mode you play the aim of the game and how it plays is the same where it is simply “wreck or be wrecked”

    Learning Curve

    You should be able to get to grips with the game within 15 minutes, the only thing which can be missed is that some weapons can be charged by keeping the relevant button pressed


    Average difficulty level, alot will depend on what difficulty level you have it set on


    While some of the achievements will take a while to get, the game is very repetitive and IMO is a game that is played in short busts of half an hour to an hour every so often when you want to play something different, there is very little to keep you hooked for long periods 


    • Little Variation in Gameplay
    • Limited set of Music Tracks


    Very average game, with limited replayability, I would definetely advise downloading the trial version before deciding whether or not to buy. On a technical note, the graphics engine does seem to have the potential to be used for a more traditional racing game for XBLA though


    3/5 – Not a bad game just not a good game either



    2 Responses to “Xbox 360 Game Review: Vigilante 8: Arcade”

    1. I was rather miffed to hear that activision was bringing back an updated version of it’s late 90’s car combat series-vigilante 8 to the xbox 360 console,and not to the ps2 console.However,after reading a number of less-than stellar reviews about the game i’ll remain forever content with playing with the 2 ps1 installments i had purchased.

    2. Good post, I will be sure to save this post in my Newsvine account. Have a awesome day.

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