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XBOX 360 Mini Review: Racedriver Grid

Posted by Mister Random on October 18, 2008

Game Details

  • Title: Racedriver Grid
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Release Date: 30/05/2008
  • Typical Price (UK) : £40
  • PEGI Rating: 7+
  • Game Type: Driving – Simulation
  • Online Multiplayer: Up to 12 players

One Sentence Review

An enjoyable serious racing game, but not quite as good as Forza 2


There are plenty of racing titles on the Xbox 360 but the only notable title in the simulation style of track racing is Forza 2 (another must buy for fans of this type of Racer). In comparison to Forza 2 there are some areas in which Forza 2 is superior to Grid and in others Grid is superior to Forza 2.

To begin with, Forza 2 has a much wider variety of cars (>200 vs ~50) and tracks available than in Grid, and unlike Grid it is possible to tune and upgrade the cars in Forza 2. I also prefer the multiplayer component of Forza 2 in a large part because of this and my impression was that it was easier to get a race with drivers at a similar skill level in Forza 2. I also found Forza 2 to be slightly more realistic in terms of damage and driving style.

In contrast I found the Graphics and sound to be superior in Grid. Grids user interface and menus are also much more user friendly than those in Forza 2. One feature I liked was that in order to increase the feeling that you are part of a racing team, in the spoken parts the characters speak the first name you chose for your character assuming it is one in the massive list of first names. I also found the single player component to be better thought out than that in Forza 2. Despite these advantages the additional customisable options and superior multiplayer mean that Forza 2 is the game I would choose if I had to choose just 1 game, but ideally you would want both if you like Racing games

The achievements in Grid are well thought out and there is a good mix of easy, average and hard achievements in the achievement list. Grid is also a game which has the potential to have a relatively long life span given the depth of the single player mode and the multiplayer options (assuming sufficient people play)


4/5 – If you like Forza 2 you will like this


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