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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E12&13 “Kobols Last Gleaming”

Posted by Mister Random on July 17, 2008

Key Events

  • A rift develops between Starbuck and Lee after she sleeps with Baltar
  • Head 6 warns Baltar to get off Galactica
  • Boomer and Crashdown discover Kobol
  • Baltar finds Boomer contemplating suicide and talks her into attempting it but she fails
  • Head 6 convinces Baltar to ask to go on the survey of Kobol
  • The 3 Survey Raptors are ambushed by cylons, one is destroyed, one jumps away and the one Baltar, Tyrol, Cally and Crashdown are on crashes on Kobol 
  • Roslin convinces Starbuck to take the captured Rapture back to Caprica to get the arrow of Apollo 
  • Adama orders Roslin to resign after he finds out about her getting Starbuck to go after the arrow of Apollo
  • Adama launches an assault on Colonial 1 which ends after Roslin surrenders following Lee pointing a Gun at Colonol Tighs head 
  • Adama orders Boomer to take a Rapture and using Rapture equipped with a captured cylon transponder launch a sneak attack on the basestar orbitting Kobol
  • Boomer and Racetrack manage to Blow up the basestar after Boomer encounters multiple copies of herself inside the basestar
  • After returning to Galactica Boomer shoots Adama multiple times in the chest
  • On Kobol Baltar is shown a vision of an Opera House by Head 6 and meets his and Head 6’s child (a girl)
  • On Caprica Helo Shoots Athena who later reveals that she is Pregnant
  • Starbuck retrieves the arrow of apollo but encounters a 6 who tries to stop her
  • Helo and Athena arrive just after Starbuck manages to kill the 6 and Starbuck finds out that Boomer is a cylon

What we Learn

  • These episodes start just after the events of Colonial day (47 days) and Part 2 starts on the 51st day after the fall of the 12 colonies
  • Roslin has at most 6 months to live
  • The 13 tribes left Kobol 2000 years ago
  • Head 6 refers to Baltar as the Guardian and protector of the new generation of Gods Children 

Unanswered Questions

Why did the Cylons put a transponder on Galactica in the first place (pilot episode)?

Episode Rating



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