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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E10 “The Hand of God”

Posted by Mister Random on July 11, 2008

Key Events

The Colonial Fleet is suffering from a shortage of Tylium Ore

Roslin sees a vision of 12 snakes matching a prophecy in the book of Pythia

Boomer and Crashdown discover an asteroid filled with Tylium Ore but it has been claimed by Cylons

Adama decides to attack the asteroid and claim the Tylium and formulates a plan with Starbucks and Baltars help with Baltar taking a random guess at the correct place to strike

The plan is successful and the fleet manages to get the ore it needs

Head 6 tells Baltar that there will be a confrontation between Humans and Cylons at Kobol

On Caprica a 6 in command of a squad of centurians catches up to Athena and Helo

What We Learn

It has been 37 days since the fall of the 12 colonies

There is a prophecy of a dying leader leading humanity to a new homeland

Up to this point Roslin was unaware of the book of Pythia which was written about about the exile and rebirth of the human race 3600 years ago 

Helo up to this point was unaware that cylons could look human

Plot Discrepancies

How did the Galactica survive the attack from the Cylon Raiders? 

The Vipers were ounumbered approximately 6 to 1 (120 Raiders VS 20 odd VIpers). Either the Raiders are ALOT worse than vipers or Galactica managed to shoot down alot of Cylons as despite loosing their base the Raiders should have been able to defeat all the Vipers and possibly destroy the Galactica. In addition given their jump capability if any Raiders jumped away they could bring the Cylon fleet onto Galactica in short order. This means they would have to be very quick in getting the ore from the Asteroid

Episode Rating



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