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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E9 “Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down”

Posted by Mister Random on July 9, 2008

Key Events

Roslin suspects Adama is a cylon due to Leobens comments and Adama’s suspicious behaviour

Adama had been acting suspicious due to discovering Colonel Tighs wife was still alive and in the fleet and suspecting she is a cylon

A raider jumps in near galactica is damaged and the Galactica uses the opportunity to gather information about it

The Raider later turns out to have been playing possum and heads on a collision course for Glactica, Colonel Tigh had anticipated this and launched the alert vipers in time to save the ship

Ellen Tigh is cleared of being a Cylon by Baltar

On Caprica Athena and Helo are heading towards Delphi in order to obtain a ship to leave the planet

What we Learn

It has been 28 days since the fall of the 12 Colonies

The Cylons are genuinelly after Athena and Helo for the first time

Baltar has set his Cylon detector to automatically give negative results but it is strongly implied that he has access to genuine results if needed

Subsequently Answered Questions

Is Ellen Tigh a Cylon?

Unless she is the final cylon almost certainly not, given her treatment by Number 1 (Cavil) is is also extremely unlikely that she is an Older version of Number 6 which has been hinted at in recent episodes given Tighs visions.

UPDATE: SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4 EPISODE 11: She is the final cylon so yes she is a cylon, but probably not an active one at this point in time

Plot Holes

Why was the Galactica crew so worried by 1 cylon raider on a collision course?

Dont get me wrong it could do some damage but the Galactica has survived being hit by Nuclear warheads and they are much more damaging than 1 suicidal Raider. If it had been revealed the raider had a  nuke on board then it wouldhave been reasonable, but assuming the Galactica doesnt suffer from “Exposed Bridge Syndrome” then the risk to Galactica herself should have been minimal.

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