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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E8 “Flesh and Bone”

Posted by Mister Random on July 7, 2008

Key Events

Roslin has a “prescient” dream involving the cylon Leoben

A Leoben is captured on the Gemenon traveller and is interrogated by Starbuck and claims to have planted a bomb on Galactica which later turns out to be a false claim

Leoben claims they will find Kobal and that Adama is a Cylon

Leoben is spaced by Laura Roslin fulfilling her vision in her dream

Boomer visits Baltar and ask to undergo cylon testing, Baltar finds that she is but tells her that she isnt

On Caprica Athena goes on the run from her fellow cylons with Helo in tow

What we Learn

 It has been 25 days since the fall of the 12 colonies

Leoben believes in a cyclical nature of time and events as does colonial scripture and the first reference to “all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again”

Baltars cylon detector works

Subsequently Answered Questions

Will Baltar tell anyone that Boomer is a cylon?

No, the real question question is why he didn’t tell anyone later, for while the reasoning for not telling Boomer is sound, keeping it secret is a questionable decision

Is Adama a Cylon?

It is a virtual certainty that neither Lee Adama or Commander Adama are cylons and given what we know about the final five it is extremely doubtful that Leoben would know if another Adama was a cylon. The only possible out is if the rumours of the caprica spin off are true and an early cylon model was a copy of Commander Adamas sister.

Episode Rating



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