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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E7 “Six degrees of Separation”

Posted by Mister Random on June 26, 2008

Key Events

Head 6 disapears from Baltars head and a copy of number 6 appears on Galactica with evidence supposedly showing him planting a bomb in the Colonial Defense Mainframe on Caprica.

Boomer suggests to Tyrol that he should treat the captured cylon Raider more as an animal than a machine

Boomer finds the word Cylon written on the inside of her locker

After Baltar prays to and acknowledges God pledging himself to his service, Head 6 reappears. Gaeta then finds proof the evidence is false, and frees Baltar. Shelly Godfrey has disappeared without a trace only leaving her glasses as evidence that she existed at all 

On Caprica Boomer and Helo have sex

What we Learn

It is 24 days since the attack on the colonies

Roslin now has a “gut” instinct that Baltar was somehow involved in the attack on the colonies

Unanswered Questions

Was Shelly Godfrey a normal copy of number 6 or a physical manifestation of “Head 6”?

Was her evidence the same evidence that Dr Amarak was planning to give the president in 33?

Was it Boomers cylon programming that wrote the word inside her locker, another cylon agent or some other troublemaker?

Episode Rating



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