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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E6 “Litmus”

Posted by Mister Random on June 25, 2008

Key Events

Another copy of Doral (number 5) boards Galactica and after obtaining explosives blows himself up when confronted by Commander Adama

It is publically announced that there are humanoid cylons

The Deckhands try to cover for Chief Tyrol and Boomer but end up giving contradicting reports to Sergeant Hadrian

Soccinus lies for Tyrol about leaving the hatch combing on causeway C open (it was probably Boomer) and ends up in jail

Hadrian starts to interrogate Commander Adama about the bombing virtually accusing him of being in league with the cylons, so Adama stops the Tribunal and puts Seargeant Hadrian under House arrest

Boomer and Tyrol split up

On Caprica Helo “rescues” Athena from the cylons

What we Learn

It is 17 days since the fall of the colonies

The cylons will kill Helo if he is not in love with Athena

Chief Tyrol knows how to build a still

Commander Adama’s father was a civil liberties lawyer

Tyrol has worked under Adama for over 5 years

The 23rd Article provides for the right to silence

The Cylons are not aware of Head 6 or her relationship with Baltar

Unanswered Questions

Why was Sergeant Hadrian so obsessed with Chief Tyrol and Boomer?

She seemed to target them straight away, so was she just jealous of their relationship or did

How difficult is it to open a Hatch?

Given that this is what Hadrian was so obssessed about it would have been nice to know why the cylon could not have simply opened it by themselves

How did Doral know the Hatch would be open?

This implies that it was pre-planned and the Sleeper part of Boomers programming was able to contact Doral and tell him

Was Baltars Lab the true target for Doral?

What happens to Sergeant Hadrian?

Plot Discrepancies

Tyrol gives up his right to silence at the start of questioning yet later uses it, and there seems to be no consequences for this

Why was Sergeant Hadrian both chief investigator and “prosecutor” for the inquiry, this seems a possible conflict of interest since as Tyrol pointed out she is in charge of internal security of Galactica

Given that Adama had no sympathy for Soccinus’ punishment it is strange that he did nothing to Gaeta after he lied during Baltars trial

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