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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E5 “You Can’t Go Home Again”

Posted by Mister Random on June 24, 2008

Key Events

Starbuck crash lands on a moon breaking a leg, and manages to recover a crashed Cylon Raider and bring it back to Galactica 

On Caprica, Athena is “captured” by the cylons when Helo is knocked unconscious during an attack

What we learn

When the episode starts it is still the 15th day after the fall of the 12 colonies

A pilots suit and survival gear holds at least 46.5 hours worth of oxygen

Helo and Athena have enough anti-radiation meds to last 3 months

Cylon Raiders are partly organic in nature

Unanswered Questions

How and when did Starbuck write “Starbuck” on the underside of the cylon raider?

While effective given her lack of an appropriate IFF signal, the question is raised when did she put her name of the ships underbelly as by the time she had got it working she had run out of air and was reliant on the raiders air supply.

Plot Discrepancies

We later learn that Cylon Raiders can resurrect, this raises the question of how long does it take them to resurrect since if they can resurrect as quickly as humanoid cylons it implies that the cylons should be able to use the resurrected raiders to go straight to the Galacticas location.

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