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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E4 “Act of Contrition”

Posted by Mister Random on June 23, 2008

Key Events

A Hangar bay accident kills 13 pilots and puts another 7 in sickbay

Starbuck starts to train replacement pilots

Commander Adama learns that Starbuck passed Zak Adama when he should have failed basic flight

Starbuck and Hotdog engage and destroy 8 cylon raiders, but Starbucks Viper is badly damaged and gets caught in a moons gravity well

President Roslin asks Doc Cottle to obtain Chamalla extract to treat her cancer

On Caprica Helo and Athena find a stash of much needed supplies

What we learn

It is 14 days since the attack on the colonies

A pilots 1000th landing is a big deal

There are rumours about Baltar (and Gaeta) building a Cylon detector

Starbuck and Adama have served together for two years

Plot Discrepancies

People must have known that Starbuck and Zak Adama were in a relationship, yet they allowed her to be his flight instructor? If Zak was that concerned about not getting special treatment surely he should have asked for a different teacher or at least asked for a different person to test him. Given that is has been shown in Bastille Day that military fraternization is frowned upon, this relationship should surely fall into this category

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