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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E3 “Bastille Day”

Posted by Mister Random on June 20, 2008

Key Events

Lee Adama and a team go to the Astral Queen to try to recruit help for water extraction

Lee and his team are held hostage by Zarek who demands Elections

Zarek agrees to have his people help with water extraction and Lee promises elections

Adama gives Baltar a nuclear warhead in order to facilitate his building of a cylon detector

Lee Adama finds out that Roslin has Cancer 

What We Learn

It is 12 days since the attack on the colonies

The Prisoners on the Astral Queen where on the way to Caprica for Parole hearings

Tyrol and Boomers relationship is common knowledge and against regulations

Tom Zarek has refused to give up violence as a means of obtaining political ends despite being offered a pardon

Some people believe that Sagittarons have been mistreated by the rest of the colonies

Roslin is serving out the rest of Adars term and there are only 7 months left 

Starbuck is also a good sniper

Some Cylons consider humanity to be their parents

Subsequently Answered Questions

Will any of the prisoners on the Astral Queen be officially freed?

Yes as Tom Zarek was able to stand for election in later episodes

Where are all the bodies on Caprica?

It is later revealed that the cylons have been cleaning up the cities and planning to move in

Unanswered Questions

Why does “Head 6” want a cylon detector built?

Its interesting to note that Head 6 predicts that Baltar will be thrown out of an airlock if Adama finds out he has been lying. This foreshadows the punishment Roslin develops for humanoid cylons

Plot Discrepancies

The pilot on the Astral Queen is unaware of who Tom Zarek is, yet all other indications from the episode are that he is a very famous “political prisoner”. Even if the pilot did not know who he was before setting out it seems unlikely he wouldnt have found out from someone on the ship in the 12 days since the colonial attack about him transporting Tom Zarek and who he was given everyone elses reactions

No one mentions that as well as needing presedential elections, they also need elections for members of a council to act as a check on a president. Later resolved by the election of a new Quorum of 12. 

Episode Rating



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