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Battlestar Galactica Retrospective S1E2 “Water”

Posted by Mister Random on June 19, 2008

Key Events

Boomers cylon sleeper programming kicks in and she steals 6 charges and detonators of G4 and plants 5 in the water tanks and 1 in her Raptor

The G4 in the tanks is set up causing Galactica to lose 60% of her potable water reserves, leading to a severe water shortage throughout the fleet

Baltar starts work on designing a (genuine) Cylon Detector with Gaeta as his assistant

Boomer informs Tyrol what has happened and he covers for her

Boomer and Crashdown discover water in a nearby system

Lee Adama becomes President Roslins advisor “about the military

On Caprica Helo and Athena receive a coded colonial signal which they start to track.

What We Learn

Boomers cylon programming can be activated for short times and leave her without memory of what has occured it can also affect what she sees

Adama and Roslin both hate pomp and protocol

The civillian population of 45265 requires per week: 82 tons of grain 85 tons of meat, 119 tons of fruit, 304 tons of Vegetables, 2.5 million JPs of Water per week

The Galactica carries over 16 million JPs of Water at full capacity (10 million JPs loss = Almost 60% of potable Water reserves) and is nearly 100% effective at water recycling and it can last several years before replenishing, and it is implied most other ships in the fleet have similar systems as they do not need to be replenished from Galactica (but 1/3 of the fleet does need replenishing)

Only 8 people officially know that cylons look human at this time (Commander Adama, President Roslin, Colonel Tigh, Lee Adama, Baltar and 3 Marines)

Baltar is good at cards

Subsequently Answered Questions

Will Baltar be able to build a real Cylon Detector?

Yes, however after discovering that Boomer is a cylon he sets it so it only gives back negative results

Unanswered Questions

Where will Galactica get food for the civilian population?

This episode highlights how the Galactica can maintain the water supply within the fleet, however as Baltar points out the fleet also requires a large amount of food, and this point is rarely addressed

Was the signal Helo and Athena picked up Genuine? 

While not specifically answered however given the fortuitous nature of what they find (includes large amount of anti-radiation med). I believe it was a set up to help Athena’s mission and to keep Helo alive

How is Boomers cylon programming activated?

There are a number of possibilities, the most likely possibility given everything that happens to Boomer is that the cylon part of her personality is permanently “running in the background” and can take over whenever it deems necessary.

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