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Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Episode 1″33″ Retrospective

Posted by Mister Random on June 18, 2008

Key Events

The colonial fleet has been continuously jumping for 5 days as the cylons have been following them every 33 minutes

The Olympic Carrier is destroyed by Apollo and Starbuck as it is believed to have been taken over by Cylons

Helo is captured by a 6 and a centurion on Caprica and is “rescued” by Athena who at this point is believed by Helo to be Boomer

What we Learn

Head 6

  • Wants to have a child with Baltar
  • Wants Baltar to believe in the cylon God
  • Has some form of prescience

Dualla is from Sagittaron

Baltar can “multitask”

Continuous jumping prevents sleep

There are rumours in the fleet about Humanoid cylons but this fact has not yet been formally announced

Subsequently Answered Questions

Why do the Cylons want Helo kept alive?

The cylons wanted Helo kept alive so that he would fall in love with and hopefully “impregnate” Athena. This “mission” was successful and Hera was the result 

Unanswered Questions Raised

Why did the jumping cause sleep deprivation?

While the stress of the chase and the need for the galactica to keep on alert status would undoubtedly cause some insomnia, it is never adequately explained why everyones sleep was impaired i.e. why couldnt the civilians sleep through the jumps?

How does “Head 6” know what is going on elsewhere and in the future?

How where the Cylons tracking the Olympic carrier and were there always agents on board?

While it is clear that the cylons were tracking the Olympic Carrier and after it was left behind put agents and nukes onboard it is never actually been stated what they were following. Possible options are a beacon on board, put there by an agent or a unique sensor signal from the ship. It is unlikely that the cylons can lock onto the signal of a humanoid cylon in 33 minutes without some other means of tracking them as otherwise they could have just followed Boomer. This is backed up by the cylons having sent Raiders to scout for Galactica in “Act of Contrition”.

Were there any survivors on board the Olympic Carrier when it was destroyed

Possible Plot Holes and Discrepencies with Other Episodes 

In this episode they perform 280 jumps in a row, yet there are no issues at all with fuel. This is surprising given the later fuel shortages (probably partly caused by this episodes events) and that according to the pilot Galactica hadn’t jumped for over 20 years, so it is surprising that all ships have sufficient fuel. While it is possible Tylium Ore is used for both jump engines and sub light engines, it is still surprising that no ships had fuel issues in this episode especially given the limited time available for ships to refuel

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3 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Episode 1″33″ Retrospective”

  1. Now that was a great ep…

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