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Final Cylon Speculation given the events of “Revelations”

Posted by Mister Random on June 13, 2008

Spoilers for episodes up to and including the tenth episode of season 4 Revelations

What We Know

According to D’anna the final cylon is not in the fleet

This tidbit from revelations assumes D’anna knows the identity of all the final five cylons (which I think is 99% certain) and would recognise them is very informative as it eliminates alot of candidates as all of the candidates in the fleet (Dee, Gaeta, Lee etc) D’anna would recognise. As none of the cylons spoke to D’anna in the temple she cant have been told not to reveal their identity and I suspect the final cylon will be the one D’anna said “you…forgive me I had no idea” to. What I take from this revelation is as follows (will go into detail on candidates later):

  1. The only recurring/regular human characters who are candidates are Adama, Roslin, Baltar, Helo and the pilots on the baseship as they are on the baseship when D’anna tells us this and not in the fleet.
  2. The final cylon could be someone she knows to be dead (note I have already predicted this prior to the airing of this episode)
  3. The final cylon could be an individual copy of one of the original 7 (Cavil, D’anna, Leoben etc)
  4. The final cylon could be a new character from Earth
  5. The final cylon could be a human who is being held captive by the cylons

The original 7 were programmed not to think of the 5 and the revealed 4 were unaware of their nature until activated

This tells us that we can ignore things like Leobens “Adama is a cylon” line. I also suspect that the reason for the sleeper nature of the cylons and the lack of recognition of the original 7 will be that 7 were kept in the dark may have been to stop them recognising the 5 and jeopardising the final 5’s mission whatever that may be and that the five could only accomplish their mission if sleeper agents. Related to this it could also be that if the 7 recognised the 5 they would not have attacked the colonies and their creator or God wanted them to attack the colonies.

Possible Hybrid References

The five lights of the apocalypse rising struggling towards the light, the sins revealed only to those who enter the temple only to the chosen one. (The Eye of Jupiter)

The children of the one reborn shall find their own country(Faith): This may not be referring to the final cylon but someone else but as it may be I have included it here

Thus will it come to pass. A dying leader will know the truth of the Opera House. The missing Three will give you the Five who come from the home of the Thirteenth. (Faith)

And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. (Razor)

Probable Candidates

Now as stated above D’anna’s statement is probably the most useful as we can eliminate alot of people specifically

  • Anyone in the fleet who is alive when the fleet leaves New Caprica
  • All of the Minor Characters aboard the basestar as D’anna is willing to have them killed
  • It is also unlikely to be Adama, Baltar, Roslin or Helo as D’anna did not out them

Given D’anna’s adamance that there are only four cylons in the fleet, I think she recognised the final cylon and knew for certain they were not in the fleet, this is probable given the prophecy in faith listed above (the missing three will give you the five). Given that D’anna is unlikely to have been told who has died since her depature it is therefore probable that the final cylon is either:

  • Someone who is dead (they may come back as a newborn though),
  • A specific copy of one of the original 7,
  • A new character from Earth if D’anna had records of every single member of the fleet a new character from Earth or wherever the Earth humans are now.
  • A new character killed on the colonies who was in a prominent position
  • A new character or character believed killed who is being held captive by the cylons
  • May have been reincarnated as Hera, Nicholas Tyrol or is about to be as Caprica 6’s child

Other points are that the suffering may not be referring to what the final cylon is going through or went through but what the fleet is suffering as a Babylon 5 style tag line for the season so far would be “The year of suffering”. It may also refer to the characters rebirth.

Specific Candidates (Original Identity)

President Adar: He is a candidate as D’anna would recognise him, is someone she would apologise to and it would be really ironic if the cylons had destroyed the colonies while they were governed by a cylon. Would qualify as someone who suffered

Billy: Prominent enough to be recognised and many people would welcome his return, certainly suffered a lot as he was killed and Dee was semi two timing him with Apollo when he died. It would also explain his absence from Roslins visions

Elosha: Given the emergence of the Head Elosha character recently it both weakens and strengthens her case, it weakens the argument as why reintroduce her twice, but strengthens it as it reminds people of her character

Maya: Heras adoptive mother D’anna found her dead so would recognise her

Boomer: Not in the fleet, would want redemption, this would only work if the final cylon thing is more of a program than a being

Admiral Cain: Prominent, seeks redemption for allowing her sister to die and possibly for her actions post destruction of the 12 colonies.

Kendra Shaw: Similar to Admiral Cain and given she was brielfy XO of the Pegasus, D’anna would probably recognise her, She has suffered and seeks redemption. There is also the question of why introduce a new character for the film simply to kill her off

The First Hybrid (Razor): The Hybrids are an intermediate step between Robotic Cylons and Humans perhaps given the special nature of this Hybrid he may be the pre-incarnation of the final cylon. It did speak of being reborn in ways uncertain

Ellen Tigh: Cylons seem to be attracted to one another (Boomer and Tyrol), there is also the strange visions Tigh has been getting of Caprica 6 and Ellen merging

Zack Adama: Been mentioned throughout the series, but I consider this option unlikely

If Dead How Will the Character be Re-Introduced

There are four ways I can see this happening, these are also not mutually exclusive and could all happen. Firstly we could simply have D’anna name them, a bit boring I know but it is quick and easy to do. The second way is that they could be seen and possibly talk in one of the Opera House visions, it would be a way of accomplishing two things, the first thing it would accomplish is revaling their identity, the second is that it could be used to explain what is going on in the opera house. The third way is that the character simply reappears from the dead ala Starbuck, while watching the fourth season I have been getting the feeling that the barrier between life and death is weakening so this is possible. The final way is that it is revealed that they have been reborn or are going to be reborn and we then meet that character. I actually doubt that it will be Hera as she seems to have her own unique roll, Nicholas Tyrol is a possibility but given the timing and unique nature I favour Caprica 6’s unborn child if the writers take this route.




3 Responses to “Final Cylon Speculation given the events of “Revelations””

  1. Your theorizing, while very interesting, overlooks one crucial piece of evidence–the DaVinci painting, which RDM says did not contain the fifth Cylon. That rules out Adama, Roslyn and other main characters.

  2. Charles said

    To be honest I try to ignore anything not on the show itself as being firm evidence since writers/producers of shows have been known to lie in interviews. IIRC it also does not seriously weaken or strengthen my arguments about who the final cylon might be

  3. […] of minutes, and first off the reveal of SPOILER as the final cylon, I am happy that one of my suggestions was correct and that I was thinking along the right lines when I was thinking of a character who […]

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