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Weekly Comics Round-Up: 12th June 08

Posted by Mister Random on June 12, 2008

This week I will be reviewing the “Secret Invasion: Who do you trust” One shot and Captain Britain and MI:13 #2.

Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?

This will be slightly different to normal since instead of one story it is 5 separate stories and I will review each separately giving a score out of 5

Captain Marvel

in this story we get background information on why Captain Marvel rejoined the skrulls, in brief it seems that he believes that the Thunderbolts need to be taken out as they cause more damage than they prevent and he rejoined the skrulls so he could minimise any damage they would cause in the invasion. While I enjoyed this story I didnt really buy the skrull copy of Captain Marvels reason for rejoining the skrulls which knocks one mark off the total


Agent Brand

This story has two purposes firstly it sets up where Agent Brand will be in SI#4 and gives a bit more background to the skrulls. The story is essentially a flashback to Agent Brand meeting and analysing the actions of a skrull ambassador and her realising that hints where hidden in plain sight. There is also the possibility that we see a sleeper blackbolt skrull activated as The skrull keeps on tapping a picture of the trojan horse on a copy of Homers the Illiad in a meeting which blackbolt attended.


Wonderman and Beast

This story is essentially how modern Wonderman and classic Beast have to work together to get back to the surface of the savage land. To be honest I did not like this story as all it did was establish what we allready know that anyone could be a skrull and some skrulls may not know that they are skrulls


Marvel Boy 

This again appears to be a set up story to establish Marvel Boys situation in Secret Invasion. As I have only read about Marvel boy in the Illuminati Trade I did not know much about him so this story probably held less interest to me than it otherwise would have


Agents of Atlas

This story is enjoyable even though I do not know anything of the characters in the story. In some respects it reads like a 50s B movie and is from the point of view of a dissected Skrull General and may hold a hint to how humanity may ultimately win by fighting like skrulls.



A  mixed bag overall a few enjoyabkle stories stories a few duds, if you are interested in the big picture for secret invasion worth picking up, it will take a few more issues of SI to tell how important to the overall story it is though


Captain Britain and MI:13 #2

Plot Summary

The issue opens with Britains reaction to Captain Britains death and it turns out that the Doctor Faiza who we thought killed in the first issue survived and now has super powers, which include the ability to assemble and dissasemble people and to freeze people were they stand. She and the Black Knight manage to neutralise the skrulls attacking nearby and go to rejoin the military

Elsewhere Pete Wisdom, John the Skrull and Spitfire summon a “fairy” so they can gain access to Avalon to try to help repel the skrull invasion. In Avalon the skrulls are easily winning the battle and the team follow a voice to Excalibur, but none can use the sword and they think only Cpatain Britain could have (note Faisa sees the sword as well) the team then gets ambushed by some skrulls.

Elsewhere in Avalon the skrulls suceed in gaining several magical artefacts (Amulet of Right, Sword of Truth and the Grail) they then combine them and other artefacts into one artefact which they give to a Magic based Superskrull (not sure who it is a combination of)

My Views

I really enjoyed this issue, my only problem was that there were alot of characters introduced and killed in the space of of a single page who I know nothing about as I have not read any old Captain Britain stories. The issue was action packed and seems to be the low point of the tale with skrulls capturing “all of magic” (except they dont have Excalibur or any magic not based in Avalon) and the situation for the heroes being bleak. If the high standard and fun factor continues I will keep on reading after the SI tie in ends





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