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Battlestar Galactica 4.11 “The Hub” Review and Analysis “SPOILERS”

Posted by Mister Random on June 7, 2008

Please be aware that this article contains spoilers for episode 9 (4.11) of Battlestar Galactica so dont read on if you dont want to be spoiled if you havent seen the episode yet

One Sentence Review

A very good episode let down by little meaningful plot progression due to most of the facts being revealed last week

Plot Summary

The episode starts off on the rebel baseship as it jumps away and the hybrid makes multiple jumps. During the jumps Roslin sees herself back on an empty Galactica and finds herself talking to Elosha (Priestess killed early in Season 2) and Roslin sees her deathbed. There is a discussion about why the Hybrid is jumping and they find out that Natalie is dead and they find out that the Hybrid is heading towards the resurrection hub. Helo and a Sharon (number 8) come up with a plan to destroy the hub using an element of surprise by keeping the Vipers powered down until they come into firing range of the hub. Helo meets with Roslin and she orders him to bring D’anna to her first and to not let anyone else speak to her. On the Resurrection Hub, Cavil and Boomer resurrect D’anna and Cavil tells her about the civil war and claims it is all about D’anna and asks D’anna to end the war by talking to the rebels.

When Helo informs everyone of the plan, there is dissension between the VIper pilots and the Cylons mainly on the human side, and the Sharon tells everyone that there has to be trust between them. The Hybrid tells Roslin and Baltar that “The Three is online” letting them know that D’anna has been resurrected. The Baseship arrives at the hub and launches its attack, once D’anna hears that the rebels plan to destroy the Hub she kills the Cavil and Boomer flees. The Rebels quickly disable the FTL on the hub and Helo and the Sharon land on the Hub and recover D’anna. Once they escape the rebels launch a nuclear strike on the Hub destroying it and the explosion also destroys its Baseship escorts.

On the basship Baltar has a conversation with a centurian and talks to it about God and how the centurians are slaves and God doesnt want anyone to be slaves, an explosion then occurs onboard injuring Baltar and destroying the Centurian. Rolsin finds Baltar and tends his wounds, but Baltar then admits his complicity in the attack on the colonies and Roslin removes the bandage from his wounds intending to let him bleed to death. As the ship jumps away Roslin sees Elosha again and she convinces her to not let Baltar die.

Helo then reluctantly follows Roslins orders and brings D’anna to Roslin and not letting the rest of the cylons speak to her destroying the trust that had been built between him and the Sharon. After Helo leaves D’anna tells Roslin she is the final cylon, before admitting she was lying and tells Roslin she wont get any information until they are back at Galactica and she (D’anna) feels safe.

The Rebel baseship then meets up with Adama’s Raptor and when Roslin and Adama meet, she tells Adama that she loves him and Adama replies with “About Time”

My Thoughts and Speculation

I was left feeling dissapointed by this weeks episode, while at the same time thinking it was a very good episode. The main reason for this is that a combination of last weeks episode and the trailer removed any tension at all from about what was going to happen to the baseship as we knew that the hub would be destroyed and D’anna recovered and be on the rebel baseship, which meant that we knew them main things that would happen in the episode already. In some respects I think that last weeks episode would have been stronger if it had been shown AFTER this episode since we would be wondering why is Adama in a Raptor by himself and where is the fleet. I still think that this epsiode and Sine Qua Non could have been compressed into one episode or a two parter where we follow both sides. I understand the thinking behind the split of the episodes I just think it was handled badly

I also had three problems with the plot, firstly how easily the Hub was destroyed given that it was defended by TWO full strength baseships (which would include full wings of raiders) while the Rebels were attacking with one heavily damaged baseship and a mixture of heavy Raiders and Vipers. While I can buy how quickly the Hub was disabled given the other facets of the mission (the need to board and extract D’anna) I think that the ease of its destruction was unrealistic. The second problem is that given that they were on a Cylon baseship I thought that they cylons let Helo take D’anna to Roslin a bit too easily. The final problem was there was no payback on the Leoban needing to convince the centaurians not to take anyone hostage subplot from “Guess Whats Coming To Dinner?”

On the specualtion side, we have a new “head character” in the form of Head Elosha while Rolsin seems to think it is simply a manifestation of her subconscious I think that it should be put into the category of head 6 and head Baltar as a supernatural entity of some form. I would not be surprised if Head Elosha is actually Head 6 as she convinced Rolsin to try to save Baltars life. There is also the question was the vision of Roslins deathbed what will actually come to pass or not, if it was a real vision then it adds support to the theory that Elosha belongs to the same group of entities as the Head Baltar and Head 6, she also predicted that Roslin would meet Adama before she met up with the fleet.

There is also a new hybrid prophecy to digest if you listen carefully “The wingbeats of the dove drown out the heartbeats of those who follow” (will alter if incorrect in transcription) is repeated at least twice possible three times by the Hybrid early on in the episode. It is possible that it is referring to the destruction of the Hub (dove = the peace between cylons and humans, heartbeats of those who follow = resurrecting cylons) but I dont think this is the case

There was also the fun scene were Baltar tries to “convert” the Centurian and talks to him about God, there have been hints that the centurians could rebel at some point and I would not be surprised if that occurs in the final half of the season as Cavil did warn of consequences to the releasing of their inhibitors, and it would be ironic if the Cylons and Humans finally have peace only for the Cylons to have another war.

The final question is where did Boomer go, I doubt she got killed when the Hub was destroyed and it is possible she ensured Cavil was resurrected before she fled the Hub given him referring to her as “his pet 8”, and him having some sort of hold on her.

If you want to discuss the episode as always I recomend checking out bsgcast.com


  • Head Elosha
  • Baltar and the Centurian
  • Baltars Confession and Roslins Reaction to it
  • The Betrayal of Sharons Trust
  • D’anna killing Cavil
  • D’anna acting in her own best interest
  • Roslin and Adama’s reunion
  • The Trailer for the next episode (Revelations)


  • That Sine Qua Non was shown first
  • How Easily the Hub was destroyed
  • The lack of any meaningful cylon response to Roslin gaining esclusive access to D’anna

Questions Raised

  • What does the latest Hybrid Prophecy mean
  • Will there be any consequences to Roslins betrayal of the cylons trust
  • Did the Centorian pass on what Baltar told it before it was destroyed
  • Did Cavil resurrect before the Hub was destroyed
  • What happened to Boomer

Episode Rating

7/10 – Would have been 8 or 9/10 except that little new occured in this epsiode that hadn’t been revealed in SIne Qua Non or the trailer

Trailer for Next Episode


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