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Weekly Comics Round Up: 5th June 08

Posted by Mister Random on June 5, 2008

This week I bought Secret Invasion #3, Avengers Invaders #2 and Ulitmate Origins #1, I have also updated all of my Secret Invasion pages with any new relevant information obtained from Secret Invasion #3.

Secret Invasion #3

Plot Summary

On the crashed Shield Heli-Carrier Maria Hill is confronted by the Jarvis Skrull who calmly orders her to surrender. At Thunderbolts mountain the Captain Marvel Skrull defeats the Thunderbolts but is unable to finish them off leading to Norman Osborn offering him a chat over a drink in his wrecked office. At Camp Hammond a YellowJacket (Hank Pym) Skrull orders the Iniative Recruits to New York.

In Times Square the Young Avengers are getting badly beaten and the superskrulls attack Hulkling without any compunction (he is half skrull and an heir to the throne of one of the factions). The Iniative then arrive at the same time as a film crew covers the fight.  In the Savage Land Spider-Woman attacks Echo and responds to Echos denials of being a skrull with “I know” before badly beating and possibly killing her. She then meets up with Tony Stark and tells him that he is a sleeper skrull and will go down in history as the greatest soldier the armada ever had by turning the heroes against each other and he had earned the love of his Queen (Spider-Woman).

Back in Times Square the fight is still going badly, with the Vision disabled (head blown off), Proton is executed in front of the cameras and Annex is about to share his fate when one of the skrulls is blown up thanks to the arrival of Nick Fury and his new Commandos. 

My View

I thought that this was an improvement on the last issue, but again could have done with being longer in length. It was good to finally have the Spider-Woman skrull question answered and the new question raised about Tony and while I suspect it is just the Queen playing mind games with Tony, I would not be surprised if he did turn out to be a skrull since as Spider-Woman herself said back in MA#7 some people think he has been acting the most skrully of anybody and all of the denials in interviews have been an attempt to keep this revelation a secret. I do wonder how they are going to successfully wrap this up in 5 issues if the heroes are going to win, as even with Nick Fury back the heroes still have alot of work to do. While I have faith in the writing of Bendis, at the moment IMO the best way for the Invasion to be satisfactorily resolved in 5 issues is if the skrulls win!

Issue Rating

8/10 – An action packed issue, though the plot seems to be going quite slowly

Avengers Invaders # 2

Plot Summary

On finding out that the Invaders are in New York, Tony Stark gathers together the Mighty Avengers giving them orders that they are not to let the invaders (Captain America (Steve Rogers), Bucky, Prince Namor, Human Torch (original) and Toro) know that they know any of them personally or to permanantly harm any of them. Once the Mighty Avengers find the Invaders a fight starts between them, despite putting up a good fight the invaders are quickly over-powered and neutralised with the exception of Prince Namor who after catching Ares axe and hitting Iron Man with it in the chest escapes and claims he will come back with friends.

Elsewhere modern Bucky (New Captain America) picks up a copy of the Daily Bugle and finds out that the Invaders are in New York, and the soldier who came through the “time mist” with the invaders meets up with his modern self. In the SHIELD Heli-carrier brig Iron Man tries to assure Captain America that he means him no harm, while the remaining Invaders are also restrained. No one had searched Bucky however and he uses some plastic explosive to escape from his cell. 

Finally Spider-man reports back to the rest of the New Avengers at Doctor Stranges house and they decide to go free them all.

My View

In many ways I enjoyed this more than Secret Invasion #3, though again very little actually happened and the issue could be summarised as the Invaders except Namor who escapes are captured by the Mighty Avengers and held on the SHIELD helicarrier, and from this information alone you would probably be set up for the next issue. I did like the Namor Ares interplay and hope there is more of it in later issues

We also get an idea of when this series is set in Marvel continuity. As the New Avengers are at Doctor Stanges and have Echo and Ronin on the team this means it is set after they find out that Electra is a skrull but before the Doom symbiote virus attack, as later on the same day the Hood attacks the New Avengers and because of this they no longer reside at Doctor Stranges and the Mighty Avengers quickly go to Latveria. One problem is the Spiderman costume does not fit as he should be in black at this time, BUT given a similar error in the BND stories we could say there is a period of a week or so where he reverts back to Red and Blue for some reason. The absense of Spider-Woman from the Mighty Avengers also indicates that this story occurs in the period between the Ulton attack and the Symbiote Virus attack as during this period she was on neither team. 

Given the events so far it looks like we have a Prince Namor vs King Namor confrontation coming when Prince Namor returns to Atlantis to get help and a New Avengers raid on the SHIELD helicarrier

Issue Rating

8/10 – Lots of action, but essentially still setting things up

Ultimate Origins #1

Plot Summary

It starts off with a flashback to 6 months earlier where Bruce Banner tells Spider-man that everything is connected. We then go back to August 1942 and the Battle of the Tenaru where an American “Super Soldier” is shot dead. This leads the President to commnd the creation of a real super soldier. Things then move to August 1943 where James Howlett (Wolverine), Nick Fury and Fisk are arrested for looting. Nick Fury then gets forced to partcipate in Project Rebirth where the experiment is a success, but he manages to escape for the lab.

Things then move to Canada in October 1943 where James Howlett attempts to escape from a lab and is shot dead but heals and is dragged back inside. Things move forward to 1946 where in the Weapon X labs it is explained that the experiments on Howlett where an attept to recreate the American Super Soldier experiments but something more happened making Howlett the first mutant and also that the mutant gene will somehow spread.

My View

I have not read any of the Ultimate Universe titles before so I cant judge how this fits into the continuity of the Ultimate Universe or if there are any major discrepancies. Basing it purely on its merits as a story, I admit that I found the story interesting and want to know what happens next. There is also evidence just in this issue that everything is connected, though it is still open to how exactly they are connected. Nick Fury also appears different in this issue to how he appears in other Ultimate Universe pictures so it is open as to whether it is the same person or not.

I would recommend picking this up even if you dont (like me) follow Ultimate Universe titles

Issue Rating

9/10 – Everything is connected we just dont know how


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