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Grand Theft Auto 4 Brief Review

Posted by Mister Random on June 3, 2008

I have recently completed the single player component of Grand Theft Auto 4 and thought I would share my thoughts on the game

The Basics


You take the role of Niko Bellic a new eastern european arrival to Libery City, a fictional representation of New York. Shortly after your arrival you get drown into the criminal underworld while trying to track down the man who betrayed you during a recent civil war.

Style of Game

Open World action game, with a fairly linear plot


On the whole the graphics are good, there is a persistant problem with graphical “pop ins” however


The Sound Effects and Soundtrack are good. For the ingame radio stations I do wish they had more variety within the individual channels (especially the talk radio channels) the since while what they have on the stations is good, it does get repetitive after a while. I also wish they let you set a default radio station as it gets annoying having to find your favourite channels every time you get into a new car

Game Difficulty and Achievements

The Game is not that difficult and I managed to get through the single player campaign without too much difficulty and I rate myself as no better than average for most games. The majority of the achievments are fairly standard and not too diffcult to get, you should be able to get most of the single player achievements without trying though there are a few you will need to put effort in to get.


In the short to medium term quite high as it will take 40-60 hours of play to do everything possible, once it is complete however there is little in the single player portion to keep you playing

My Thoughts

Grand Theft Auto 4 is a very good game, however like most hyped games it is slightly over-rated and the graphical pop ins get annoying. In addition once you complete the single player campagin there is very little in there to keep you playing. As for the controversial aspects of the game as usual they are overhyped but the game does deserve an 18+ rating.

Overall Rating

8/10: A Very good game but overhyped



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