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Posted by Mister Random on May 30, 2008

Note I will only review a small number of comics that I actually buy

Miss Marvel#27

Plot Summary

Following intelligence given by the skrull captive, Miss Marvel and the lightning storm team chases after a truck which they believe contains her captive ex boyfriend William Wagner who has been revealed to be a Kree. After finding and chasing the truck it is revealed to be a fake and after confronting the captive skrull about this the skrull self destructs destroying the Mini Heli-Carrier and killing many people on board and below. Later on MS Marvel goes to Wondermans apartment and ends up sleeping with him in an attempt to forget about her issues for a time. The next morning they get a call informing them that a Skrull ship has entered Earths Atmosphere (SI#1).

My View

I found this comic to be very disappointing given the high quality of the last two issues. The first disappointment was with the art in that I found the style of the art and colouring to be very bland and I found it detracted from my enjoyment of the comic. The second disappointment was with the story itself in that nothing was resolved to my satisfaction, in that we still don’t know what happened to William and IMO if they are going to leave something like that hanging then it would have been better to have it as a reveal that he was still alive (and a kree) at the end of this issue rather than last one. The third disappointment is that the storyline has really resolved itself 2-3 months later than it should, since the main Secret Invasion has already started and this issue IMO adds nothing new to what we already know

My Rating

5/10 – Only worth it for completing the story arc

New Avengers #41

Plot Summary

This issue opens with the T-Rex disrupting the classic hero Vs modern hero fight in the savage land and shows spider-man being thrown into the jungle in the savage land where he meets up with Ka-Zar and Shanna (or should that be Sheena?). They then explain that the skrulls were responsible for the “SHIELD” vibranium mining destroyed by Maria Hill in the SHIELD Heli-carrier (see NA#3-6) and it is then revealed that when the New Avengers formed the skrulls had multiple agents already present in the team (Jarvis and Spider woman?). The conversation is then disrupted by Classic Captain America who looks ready for a fight

My View

I have mixed views on this issue since while it is nice to learn officially that the skrulls were responsible for the mining in the savage land, and that skrulls could be “unmasked” by badly injuring them, IMO very little actually happens and it feels like a set up for the next issue. The one big question is though is this Spider-man a skrull? This is because while he has no underarm webbing and that one is seen to be squished in the top left panel of page 2 (exclude happened previous page from count), the spider on his chest in shaped wrong and on page 1 and page 26 it is shaped correctly. After rechecking Secret Invasion #1 and MA#14 I am of the view that he is a skrull and this is not an art error. There is also a bit of intrigue about is Shanna a skrull as she was missing for 3 days, I suspect this is a red herring. In my opinion despite this intrigue this issue can easily be missed if you are just reading for New Avengers for Secret Invasion background information.

My Rating

6/10 – Useful information given but otherwise a relatively poor issue

Site Update

I have updated the relevant timelines to include information from NA#41




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