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Battlestar Galactica Final Cylon Speculation (Spoilers for Sine Qua Non)

Posted by Mister Random on May 29, 2008


Spoiler Warning: This Post contains spoilers for episodes up to and including 4.10/4.08 Sine Qua Non, do not read on if you do not want to be spoiled.

You have been Warned


One of the most debated topics in BSG fandom is what is the identity of the final cylon with theories ranging from Dualla to Jake the Dog (well maybe not that far). What is clear to me is that like the identities of the Penultimate 4 the identity of the final cylon will come as a surprise to people who have not read spoilers. It is fairly safe to assume that the final cylon will be similar to Tigh, Tory, Anders and Tyrol in nature, rather than the Original 7, and it is clear that the final five have a different Origin and Nature to the Original 7. If we take into consideration Tighs age and long association with Adama it is possible that they may even predate the Original 7.

A lot of questions still revolve around how where the final five created and why were they not activated until recently. As the Hybrid stated that the final five come from “the home of the thirteenth” and until recently they were only seen as active cylons in the Opera House, Colonel Tighs age is again surprising. This is because his age indicates that any time on Earth for him would have to be around the time of the First Cylon War. This leads me to wonder if the final five cylons are actually normal humans who have been taken over by some form of “Cylon Symbiote or Virus” and this is how these cylons resurrect, in that when they die they move to a compatible host, or it rewrites the DNA of an Embryo to create a new cylon. This could also explain how Caprica 6 became pregnant by Tigh since if Tigh was in love with her and physically still human then as with the Athena pregnancy it would biologically be a Human Cylon child rather than the progeny of two Cylons, this would also make Tyrols child fully human. As BSG appears to be becoming more “mystical” as the series progresses then there could be a “mystical” variation of this theory occuring in that humans have been merged with a Cylon “spirit”.

If this theory is close to correct it would then allow for the return of some previously killed characters, who would be revealed as the final Cylon, with Cally and Kendra Shaw being my favoured candidates. In this event I would anticipate Caprica 6’s child to be revealed as the final cylon and the reincarnation of the previously killed cylon. A similar theory of mine is that Boomer or Caprica 6 will be revealed as the final Cylon with their activation coming when they reach Earth. Given the current “merging” of Ellen and Caprica 6 in Tighs mind, it is also possible that Ellen will be revealed as the final cylon and that her spirit takes over Caprica 6’s body with their personalities and memories merging.

A related question is why wasn’t the final Cylon activated when Tory ,Anders, Tigh and Tyrol where, I suspect that the reason for this will be that the final cylon was in the process of resurrecting and therefore unavailable. It would also allow the writers to explain how the final five resurrect, and to give more information about the nature of the final five in a “non forced” way. 

Finally my list of candidates for the final Cylon is anyone in the cast (past or present) who hasnt been revealed to be a member of the Penultimate 4, including the Original 7 Cylons 





3 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica Final Cylon Speculation (Spoilers for Sine Qua Non)”

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  2. kara said

    uhh…you can’t have a cylon awaken to be a cylon that would be dumb. why would they make one of the seven be one of the five that makes no sense at all.

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