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BSG 4:09 Guess Whats Coming to Dinner Review (Spoilers)

Posted by Mister Random on May 26, 2008

Here’s a slightly belated review of the most recent episode of battlestar galactica,

One Sentence Review

A good episode but the second half felt like it was just setting up things for the next episode

Episode Summary

Starbuck arrives back at the fleet with the captured baseship without the Demetrius and after some initial confusion manages to contact Galactica before a battle starts when the Demetrius belatedly arrives. Baltar broadcasts to the fleet that Roslin had been sharing Visions with Athena and Caprica 6. Roslin confronts Tory over her involvement with Baltar and tells her to find out who told Baltar about the visions, Baltar claims that Caprica 6 told him before the end of his trial.

The Rebel Cylons and the Colonial Fleet form an alliance to destroy the Cylon Resurrection Hub and in return the cylons want the final five to join them and to leave the fleet with them once their identities are known. Both sides plan to betray the other, the colonials plan to keep the final five until they reach Earth while the rebel Cylons plan to take the humans on the baseship hostage until the final five are in their custody.

After a meeting with the Quorum of 12 Natalie decides not to betray the Humans and Leoben says he will talk to the centurians but as they are no longer inhibited this does not guarantee sucess. Natalie goes back to the Galactica to stall for time but ends up being shot by Athena who was afraid Natalie was going to take Hera away from her after sharing another vision with Roslin and Caprica 6. At the same time Roslin goes back to the baseship with Baltar in tow to talk to the Hybrid after Starbuck informs her of part the hybrids prophecy about the Opera House. When the Hybrid is reconnected the baseship instantly jumps away.

My Thoughts on the Episode

I enjoyed this episode, and their was alot contained in the episode. Despite this I thought this episode felt primarily like a setup episode for what is to happen in the next couple of episodes.


  • The first ten minutes, it was tense and action packed.
  • The Roslin, Tory confrontation.
  • The continued evolution of Baltar.
  • Tigh doing whatever he could to dissuade Adama and Roslin from going along with the plan to reveal the final five.
  • Athena shooting Natalie and the lead up to it.
  • JUMP!


  • Creepy Hera: Nothing wrong with it, it was just too creepy for my taste),
  • Gaeta’s singing: again just didn’t suit my taste

Questions Raised

  • Is Baltar telling the truth about how he found out about the Visions
  • Which Baltar is in the Vision (Head or Real)
  • What will the consequences be of Athenas actions
  • What will the consequences be of the Baseship jumping away
  • Did Leoben convince the Centurians not to follow the plan

My Overall Rating: 8/10

I would also recommend checking the latest BSGCAST linked below for Mat and Natts review and discussion on the episode



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