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Indiana Jones and the Misguided Sci-fi Plot (Spoilers)

Posted by Mister Random on May 25, 2008


One Sentence Review

An enjoyable romp but “Aliens” in an Indiana Jones film, you must be kidding

Film Summary (Spoilers)

Indiana Jones gets suspended from his post for fraternising and aiding communists who had kidnapped him and Way Winstone who turns out to be a traitor in the Area 51 warehouse. After escaping an A-Bomb test in a fridge and getting suspended he gets waylaid on his way to Europe by Mutt Williams aka Henry Jones III (Shia Labeouf) who asks him to rescue his old friend (who we have never met before) Harold Oxley (John Hurt) from the Communists by retrieving a Crystal Skull. After heading to South America and getting the skull he gets captured by communists and is reunited with his old friend Marion who reveals Mutt is his son and also with Oxley who has been driven mad by the skull. After interpreting Oxleys ravings Indy and the communists head into the Jungle where Indy escapes, Mutt becomes Tarzan and Winstone claims to be a double agent. They get to the temple and the communists catch up and Winstone is still a traitor, it turns out the Skull is needed to revive some “Interdimensional beings” or ALIENS as everyone else calls them and after they are revived The head communist (Cate Blanchett) gets her wish which causes her and the communists and Winstone to die while Indy, Marion, Mutt and a now sane Oxley escape from a UFO. They then return to the USA where Indy gets his job back and a promotion and marries Marion.

My Thoughts

To be fair to this latest installment I must start with saying that I enjoyed the film, but when the film had ended though I left the cinema uncertain that I had actually watched an Indiana Jones film. While the film at times did feel like the Indiana Jones that I remember from my youth, at other times, especially at the end of the film it did not This was simply due to rather than having the Crystal Skull be a Religious or Mystical Artifact, it was instead the skull of an “Interdimensional Being”.   While I understand why Lucas made this choice with the film being set in the 1950’s the era of communists and Aliens, as with many of his recent choices (Jar Jar Binks, a 9 year old Anakin Skywalker, needless tinkering with the Original Star Wars films etc) it was not the right one. Despite this I enjoyed the film and hope they make another with Harrison Ford as the lead, but have to mark it down for this flaw 

I Liked:

  • Nods to the first three films,
  • Ray Winstone,
  • The non sci-fi parts of the film
  • The Gophers


  • Shia LaBeouf: His character is fine but Lucas has hinted the next film will have him as the lead which would be a mistake,
  • The Atom Bomb Escape in the fridge as it may have been a touch too ridiculous even for Indiana Jones

I Disliked:

  • The Science fiction parts of the film as IMO they don’t belong in an Indiana Jones film,
  • The length of time it took to introduce Indiana Jones, it seemed like 5 minutes went by before we saw him,
  • Under utilising Jim Broadbent, given how little screen time he had they should have combined his character with John Hurts so it would have had more of an impact when you meet him.

My Rating:

7/10 (8/10 if you have not see the first three films)


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